18 October, 2011

Biggest Loser S12E05 - Cheerleaders Living In Your House

Things start off quickly this episode as Alison brings everyone outside for a game which is going to determine who is going to go home for the entire week. It's not an elimination, but a prize. The winner of the game will get to go home, and bring their trainer with them. Additionally, they will win immunity for the week but only their weight loss will count this week for the entire team. Outside is a giant 'Plinko' board with slots at the bottom for each contestant to put their name. All contestants chosen a slot in turn order determined by total weight loss percentage so far on the ranch. John goes first and thinks the prize isn't so much of one. He'd hate to go home and be distracted by his family. Bonnie is the last to go. Alison releases the chip and it lands in Sunny's slot. Bob is surprised to see how excited Sunny is. He then tells her she's not going on a vacation and if he had his way she wouldn't see any of her family.

Before Sunny leaves, Bob has a chat with the black team and discovers some of the team are uneasy about Sunny going home. John and Jennifer are visibly upset. Bob determines John's more upset by Sunny having all the power this week and he's understandably upset.

With Bob gone, trainers Anna and Dolvett take control of the gym. Anna does her best to encourage both Becky and Bonnie. Meanwhile, Dolvett is upset they have never won a single weigh-in and is determined to win this week. He pushes, yells and encourages each contestant. This week he focuses on Vinny and tells him his weight loss is not enough and could be better. He thinks Vinny is spending too much time joking around and not getting serious. Back with Anna, she's having resistance from Bonnie who seems to resent her. Anna tries to get 'inside' her head and figure out why she's not motivated but Bonnie is offended by her approach. Bonnie's motivation couldn't be lower.

With Sunny home, Bob has not received his wish because she's spending much time with family. However, she's not laying back and is no longer holding herself back. She apologizes to her family for the countless number of times, despite their pressure to join in on family activities, she's declined. Bob is surprised to find how much support she actually has at home. He likens her family to cheerleaders in her own house. He then takes Sunny to the gym and pushes her more than he's ever done before. Exhausted and fallen to the ground, Bob reminds Sunny how much she was dancing and jumping around when she won the prize - and this is her prize.

The red team is determined to win the next challenge. Alison reminds the teams how some people at home feel the same way they did when they first came to the ranch, overweight and overwhelmed. Which is what the next challenge is going to be like. At one end of the course, each team has a trough filled with orange soda. Each person on the team dips two awkward glasses in the trough and must navigate through a maze of 'bungee cords' to a cylinder at the far end of the course. The first team to fill the cylinder past a line wins the prize; the ability to send one loved one from home to the Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge. The game begins, but it's not long before Bonnie falls to the ground as she cries and moans. Everyone is concerned for her but she finally gets up and claims to be determined to help Becky win. Unfortunately, despite only having to fill half their cylinder, it's neck and neck between Black and Blue teams. In the end, red team comes together and finally wins their first challenge.

Before heading back to the ranch, Sunny's family takes vegetarian Bob to a BBQ. He finds it difficult to find anything for himself to eat, but does take the opportunity to order for the entire family. He shows how they can go to a BBQ, (providing it's not every night), and choose lean meats. He does however allow an order of ribs for the family to enjoy as he munches on his corn on the cob. After dinner, Sunny has a surprise for Bob. Bob admits he doesn't like surprises from his contestants especially when he finds out the surprise is a turn on a mechanical bull. Of course Bob rides it like a pro.

Back at the ranch, the black team continues to feel splintered and concern is high for how well Sunny is going to do. Without Bob helping them, they feel lost and Red team thinks they are going to win because Sunny is a push-over and will make poor choices with her family.

Red team is excited to tell Dolvett of their first win. He's excited but still thinks they are playing around too much and not serious. He's then shocked and very offended to find out Vinny has nicknamed his stomach 'Cecil' and is continuing to joke around about it. Dolvett once more says how much he thinks Vinny isn't taking things seriously. He says people with cancer don't name and joke around about their cancer, and Vinny's weight could be just as deadly. In the gym, Dolvett pushes Vinny as hard as he can and tells him the joking around is over and he needs to finally get serious. He pushes Vinny to his max, but still doesn't ignore the rest of the red team.

In the pool, Anna is trying to train the blue team. However, Bonnie is resisting all her attempts. Anna continues to work with Bonnie and encourage her, but Bonnie claims there is something about Anna she just doesn't like. As much as Anna tries to concentrate and help Bonnie, it's to no avail. Bonnie just won't have it. Bonnie thinks Anna praises Becky to much.

Red Team
Vinny -10 "I am done with the jokes and Cecil."
Jessica -6
Ramon -7
Courtney -6
Total 29 - 2.52%

Blue Team
Bonnie -4 "This is good, this is good."
Becky -8 "I worked hard for those eight pounds, I deserve those eight pounds, and by the grace of God I am worthy of those eight pounds."
Total 12 - 2.70%

Black Team
John -12
Jennifer -8
Joe -7
Antone -4
Sunny -14 "Are you kidding me?"
Total 45 (14)- 5.81%

Jessica votes for Courtney - Reason: Medical standpoint.
Courtney votes for Vinny - Reason: Lowest weight loss percentage.
Vinny votes for Courtney - Reason: Ramon is best friend.
Ramon votes for Courtney - Reason: Voted out best friend Patrick and won't vote out another.

Courtney has gone from 270 lbs to 205 currently. She hopes to travel the world and inspire others.

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