04 October, 2011

Biggest Loser S12E03 - The One Where Antone Cries

The episode begins right after last weeks elimination. Anna is upset to see another person from her team go, but the rest of the contestants let her know she was spending too much time with him, and now she can concentrate on everyone.

Alison introduces the first challenge of the week. It's an NFL themed challenge where large cut-outs of each contestant is placed on a football field with a large round hole in it. Each contestant must try and pass a football through the hole in the cut-out from 5 yards away. But they won't be playing alone, Alison brings in three NFL greats to compete against; OLB Clay Matthews from the Green Bay Packers, TE Tony Gonzalez from the Atlanta Falcons and QB Drew Brees from the New Orleans Saints. Each has the same cut-out on the field and will be playing to knock out the contestants. But Alison gives Tony a handicap of throwing from the 10 yard line and Drew assigned to throw from the 15 yard line. At stake for the game is a $5,000 cash prize. Unfortunately, Jennifer has not been cleared to play because of her knee and must sit out the challenge. Then before the challenge begins, Alison also informs everyone that whoever has the highest weight-loss percentage for the week will win a VIP trip to the Superbowl. With visions of cash and Superbowls dancing in their heads, the game is started.

Being a Packers fan, Patrick is immediately targeted by Tony. Meanwhile, Clay Matthews from the Packers targets Bonnie for supporting 'Da Bears'. He then works on eliminating Jessica for her Steelers love, but he's knocked out by her instead. Jessica is also successful in getting rid of Tony. Drew is the last of the NFL'ers and targets Johnny before being ousted by Mike. After Patrick knocks out Antone and the dust has settled, Ramon, Courtney, Patrick Vinny and Jessica are all that's left, and ironically all from the younger red team. To win the cash prize, they must now target each other. Patrick knocks out Jessica, but is knocked out by Courtney who also knocks out Ramon and Vinny.

Later, Antone is having a chat with Bob. He's embarrassed and upset that during the challenge, not only did he not knock anyone out, he also wasn't recognized as an NFL player. Having played for the Eagles at one time, he's ashamed of what he's become. Bob asks him to bear his soul and Antone tells him about growing up in a poor family where they always had to fight for food. He recalls several times he went out collecting bottles, just to earn enough money to buy something, anything to eat. When he was 14 he started working and was able to help provide for his family. It was then he began gorging himself with food, having the mindset you eat whatever food you can get. He now realizes, he must change this thought process.

Another NFL themed challenge promises the winning team a spa day. The gym has been rearranged and each team has their own 'locker room'. There will be 4 quarters of 15 minutes each where each team must strive to loose as many calories as they can. Each team has help from their trainers and after each quarter are allowed to rest briefly. At "half time" they meet with their trainers and discuss how things are going. Before starting the second half, the scores so far are revealed. The older blue team has lost an average of 385 calories, the younger red team has lost an average of 475 calories and the middle aged black team has an average of 570 calories. As time ticks away during the second half, the trainers are doing their best to motivate their team. Bob is shouting "Come on, Pound it!", Dolvet is screaming "Let's go, Right here! Right now! FASTER, LET'S GO!" and Anna is telling her team to 'go faster'. The final results are the blue team averaging 764 calories, red team 952 calories and black team 1171 calories. They win the spa day but Bob politely refuses it and declares that's not why they are on the ranch.

Time has finally come for the last chance workout, and each team receives a surprise visitor. The black team has Shawne "Lights Out" Merriman from the Buffalo Bills to help motivate them along with Bob. The blue team has a Hall of Fame celebrity Eric Dickerson to help get them motivated. In his career he's played for the Rams and the Colts. He helps remind the older team that 'Age is only a number'. The red team is visited by Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos.

During the last chance workout, Dolvett tries to get inside the mind of Vinny, who relates the sad tale of his youth. He's certain his weight gain was triggered by traumatic family events. When he was around 9 his step father began beating him with extension cords and wrenches. Only after talking to his friends at school did he finally realize his home life was much different than others. His mother, whom he still holds love for, typically looked the other way as the beatings went on. Instead of coming to his aide, she'd usually ask Vinny what HE DID to upset his step-father. Through tears, Vinny went on to explain he's never forgiven his mother for not sticking for him. As a result of his insecurities, Vinny was over 230 pounds by age 11 and reached 300 pounds during 8th grade. This all added to him not only gaining weight, but 'made to feel like crap'.

During weigh in, Alison reminds everyone what's at stake for the person who has the highest percentage of weight loss, VIP Superbowl tickets. First to weigh in is the red team.

Red Team
Courtney -7
Vinnny -10
Ramon -7
Patrick -11
jessica -11
Total 46 - 2.93%

Black Team
Antone -16
Sunny -10
Joe -17
Jennifer -16
John -18
Total 77 4.58%

Blue Team
Bonnie -7
Becky -9
Mike -17 5.86%
Total 33 - 4.34%

With a total of 4.34% weight loss, Mike wins the Super Bowl VIP tickets and keeps his team safe. Red is now faced with the decision of who to vote out. This time it's Patrick who offers himself up to save his fellow team-mate Jessica. Even so, it's a close vote with Patrick and Vinny throwing votes on Courtney. As this weeks show comes to a conclusion, Patrick is at home and has lost 91 pounds so far. He's well on his way to making a comeback during the season finale marathon.

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work that hard."

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