11 October, 2011

Biggest Loser S12E04 - Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Having just lost Patrick, Dolvett starts the show off consoling the red group. Most are crying and complaining they should have done more to save Patrick. Dolvett take the opportunity to remind everyone they did good and should not feel bad for their respective weight losses. "Be proud of your weight loss", he tells them.

Bob is next to talk to his team, but its on a much happier note. Hannah from the previous season of Biggest Loser is stopping by to help encourage the black team. When the black team realizes how much she has lost, they almost wonder how she could have ever gotten as big as she was. "I was comfortable being in that 'fat suit'", she tells them. This helps them realize once she got tired of the 'fat suit', she was able to lose all her weight, and they can too.

The black team isn't the only one who has motivation stopping over for a visit. Adam from season 10 comes to visit Dolvett's red team. With his encouragement they are now ready to tackle a hike, with a twist. Dolvett wants to teach them how far they have come and how to be team players. The hike is five miles and as they are going they must bring along a 50 pound weight. Ramon decides to take the weight first stating, "I am a team player to the max, but I also want to be a team leader." To try and stress his ability to be team leader, he opts to take the weight the entire time, despite being unable to set it down. But as optimistic as he is, Courtney is anything but. She relates to Dolvett she doesn't want to hate herself. It's words he picks up on immediately and he helps her to realize the importance of never saying anything so negative. He does his bit to encourage her, but it's a battle likely to take some time to resolve.

Still hanging with the black team, Hannah decides to do a bit of product placement and introduces a recipe for Jennie-O Turkey Stuffed Peppers. The recipe can be found on the NBC site by clicking the link above.

The final guest of this episode is Marci from season 11. She's here for the blue team and before working out with them encourages them by saying "I don't care what they say, we are not old." The rest of the team agree and begin their workout on the beach with Marci and Anna leading them alone. What's Marci's encouragement for the older blue team? "I want them to think, 'why are they here today', why did they come to the biggest loser ranch in the first place. And what are they looking for?" The work out on the beach is exhausting, but the entire team is happier for it.

Once again, focus is shifted back to the black team, and Hannah is still with them working out. She's impressed by the gym and honored to know her poster is hanging on the wall motivating them each day. As Bob continues to motivate his team he decides to give them information he feels will come in handy. "I don't want you to think that your going to live this life that you can't have. All that food that you love, whatever it is; ice cream, pizza, whatever. Because you can have them. Here's the thing, that food that got you in this house is not taboo anymore. You don't have to eat it in secret. But there's a time and a place for it. When you take the mystery out of food, that food no longer has the power." Truer words were never spoken. It's all about knowing your limitations and eating in moderation.

After the little chat from before, Dolvett decides to spend a little time with Courtney. He has learned she loves sports so he tries to kick-start her love for playing the sports that she loves, by taking her to the basketball court. She admits she used to love playing basketball but was ashamed she as always the biggest on the team and that she finally gave up. Once again, Dolvett is shocked by her choice of words. "I hate that you gave up and I hate that you used those words." Giving her a basketball, he encourages her to make a few baskets. After a few air-balls, she finally hits her stride and suddenly she's practically playing one-on-one with Dolvett. It seems she's finally found her mojo.

Challenge time comes and the teams must form a line and pass a box between from one end of the course to the other, through all sorts of crazy weather including wind, rain and snow. But what's in the box? Letters from home! The winning team of this line box challenge gets to read letters from home. Jennifer is still on crutches because of her knee so is unable to compete, but will get to read her letter from home if her team wins. As soon as the race begins, it's clear the winner will be either the red or black teams. Being older and only three members, the blue team is quickly left in the dust. The red team is first to the snow area but the black team is right behind them. By the time the teams make it to the wind and rain sections, the black team has passed the red. The last leg of the course is a steep climb which slows the black team, but not enough for red team to catch them. The red team is right behind them but the blue team is still on the course, still a few sections back. Cue the cheesy music and montage of the blue team finally making it to the end. They are tired, exhausted and crying over the fact they will not receive letters from home. It's then Alison admits the winner gets to read letters from home, but so does everyone else. The real prize for the black team will be a video call from home.

Focus is finally diverted from the black team to the blue team where Anna has a surprise. They will be doing last chance workout on a newly built tennis court. Anna feels at home here, so hope is she'll be a more effective trainer. She does a hard-core cardio work including 'happy feet' and continuous tennis volleys. By the time they are finished, everyone but Anna is exhausted. Anna asks Bonnie, "You gonna sleep with a racket today?" to which Bonnie replies, "No, I"ll let you do that."

Fade to black and Bob has his team in the pool since Jennifer is still limited in what she can do. But Joe has a problem with water as a result of having almost drown twice in his life. That excuse isn't working for Bob, "We're going to over come this fear, and we're going to do it today." Flash forward a few minutes and Joe is working out in the pool along with everyone else.

Last chance work out for the red team has a diversity again. Dolvett is again trying to motivate Courtney. She claims she's doing the best she can but Dolvett says he doesn't believe here. She replied, "I don't know what you want. I'm doing it". Dolvett replies he wants to see more from her, more focus or she should just give up. She tells him NO and pushes on, more determined than ever. Meanwhile Ramon is asked to do 10 pushups, but he decides to do 50 to impress Dolvett.

Weigh In
Blue Team
Mike -5
Becky -2
Bonnie -7 "I climbed Mt. Everest this week".
Total 14 - 1.93%

Black Team
Joe -6
Sunny -4
Antone -8
John -9
Jennifer -7 "I'm a Bob stalker"
Total 34 - 2.12%

Red Team
Courtney -3
Jessica -2
Vinny -8
Ramon -11
Total 24 - 2.05%

Despite the hard work, blue team falls below once again. Alison reminds the blue team that Bonnie is the biggest loser so Mike and Becky's vote won't matter since they can't vote for Bonnie. Bonnie will be the one to chose who's going home. Bonnie claims her reason for voting was determined by who needs the ranch more. She believes Becky needs the ranch more and chooses Mike to go home. He obviously disagrees with her decision, but it's out of his hands now. "You don't get rid of the guy leading you all the way." - Mike
Since he started his Biggest Loser journey, Mike has lost 70 pounds.

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