01 February, 2012

Biggest Loser S13E05 - Listen & Keep Your Mouth Closed

The elimination from last week has just taken place, but Alison doesn't release the contestants. Instead she calls both the Black and Red teams to the gym. It's finally time to see if the Aqua Team has lost enough weight to make it back to the ranch. Happily, Daphne and Adrian enter. Right from the start, Conda seems very irritated they have a chance to come back and sneers as they walk in. Alison reminds them if they have lost a combination of 50 pounds they will rejoin the other contestants. Conda's partner in crime, Kim, thinks it's disgraceful they are being given another chance. She wonders if she fails the next challenge, will she be given another chance? The thought is put on hold as the Brother and Sister team weigh in.
Daphne 271 245 -26 "One month, 26 pounds, that is amazing."
Adrian 370 336 -34 "Boom baby!"
Aqua team is ecstatic they are coming back, but Alison delivers the bad news for them. Like the other teams, they will be separated. They each decide they want Bob but neither is willing to relent. Alison tells them they have two minutes to decide and they opt to use the rock-paper-scissors method. Daphne wins and chooses to train with Bob. They will remain on campus for at least a week because during the next weigh-in they will each have immunity as long as they don't gain weight.

Before Adrian can attempt to integrate himself into his new team, they have a little chat with him. They want to make sure he's aware how much they have worked for each and every challenge / weigh-in. Trying to show how dedicated he is, Adrian tells the group he's fully prepared to work hard. According to him, he'd been working out 14 hours a day back in Chicago. He also says he's been running on the treadmill at a speed of 9.0 and incline of 6.1. However instead of inspiring them, he seems to have driven a wedge between himself and the rest of the team, Kim and Conda in particular. They tell him he needs to stop talking and listen more. Tension starts to rise, but Bob comes in to see how his Black Team is doing and is not surprised to see Gail has been eliminated. What does confuse him is it wasn't a unanimous decision. Chism admits he voted for Chris, mostly because she was talking about leaving of her own accord earlier in the week.

During a workout, we're given one of Bob's special WOD's (Workout Of the Day). He calls this workout Fran and it consists of three sets. The first set requires 21 squat thrusts and 21 pull ups. The second set require 15 squat thrusts and 15 pull ups. The final set require nine squat thrust and nine pull ups. The hard part is to complete all three sets in under ten minutes. Daphne is impressed because she's able to keep up with everyone who's been in the gym for the past month. Bob is impressed with Chris, who once claimed she was not strong enough.

Dolvett has his team working on a set of monkey bars. Try as they might, each contestant has a problem hanging on, let alone crossing them. Until Adrian gives it a try, he surprises everyone by working his way across the set of bars. Mark begins to realize Adrian may be a bigger asset to the team than he might have thought. Conda isn't so impressed. Once the workout is done, he exclaims it was one of Dolvett's easier workout sessions and Adrian is still in for a shock. Later, Dolvett is trying to learn more about Adrian and finds out he lost his daughter as a baby soon after she was born. He tells Dolvett the experience has made him stronger because after having to deal with the loss, he feels he can endure any experience. However, it was the loss of his daughter that turned him to food, and gaining weight. It finally came to a head when he passed out in a movie theater after enjoying a large soda and candy bar.

The Black Team is doing homework when Bob is gone when suddenly they notice Daphne has left. Emily is concerned and Jeremy thinks it's going to be her demise. The rest of the Black team hope she's doing all she can to lose weight and help her team.

Just before a beach competition, Conda and Kim are getting increasingly annoyed with Adrian. They each hope the next contest involves drowning their new team-mate. When Adrian walks behind Conda, she tells Kim she wanted to do a back-kick. Finally, Alison arrives to describe the next challenge. Instead of drowning team-mates, it involves the use of medicine balls. Their is a wall in the sand with a trampoline on one side and a net on the other. Each team must have one person bounce a ball to the other side of the wall where the ball must be caught in the net. If the ball falls to the ground, it is out. Each ball has different point values. The first team to 100 points wins. The winner of this challenge will get to choose one person from each team who's weight will not count at the weigh in. The Black Team take an early lead, current score is 40 to 32. But Red Team quickly pulls it together once the Black Team has a string of dropped balls. They come from behind and beat the Black team 100 to 78.

Later, it's mealtime and as Adrian is about to sit and eat, Conda refuses to have him sit next to her. Nancy wonders if they are actually eighth graders because they are acting like it. She tells them she's getting tired of all the complaints about Adrian from her. Adrian is still clueless as to why she hates him so much. She tells him earlier he told her she needed to step up her game. Listening to all this, Mark thinks the disagreement is petty. He also tells the group if they don't fix the tension, it's exactly what's going to destroy them as a team.

Before the group is weighed in, the Red Team must choose one member from each team who's loss will not count. From the Black Team they choose Megan and Nancy from their own team. Despite their weight not counting, Megan and Nancy are weighed in.
Nancy 200 196 -4
Megan 238 229 -9 "I am so happy with a 9."

Black Team:
Daphne 245 244 -1 "No way, this has to be a joke."
Bob is shocked and Emily thinks she should be pissed off."
Chism 320 318 -2 "I wish I had an explanation."
Emily 235 230 -5 "That's okay."
Chris 215 211 -4 "Like Emily, I was shooting for a 5."
Cassandra 206 200 -6 "That's a good number, but it's so close. I just want to kick it."
Jeremy 347 338 -9 "From what I've seen tonight, I can't be upset with 9."
Total Loss - 1.72%

Red Team:
Adrian 336 334 -2 "Well that's okay."
Kim 220 215 -5
Kimmy 197 193 -4
Roy 272 268 -4 "I know I did my best."
Mark 255 251 -4 "I would want to be excited about that. But I wanted to help my team more than that."
Buddy 353 345 -8 "8 for me is a great number."
Conda 265 263 -2 "That is not accurate."
Total Loss - 1.53% (Kim is Biggest Loser, so she is also immune.)

Having lost, the Red Team spends an hour (not episode time) deciding who's going to be next. Adrian has immunity so they can't eliminate him. In turn, each member says why they need and want to stay. Adrian says he's willing to work for the team and has been trying his hardest, but thinks the change in diet is what affected him this week. He asks if anyone sees anything better he can do. Mark tells Adrian he's playing the 'game', and only losing two pounds is suspicious, considering he has immunity. Adrian says he wants to know more about the 'game' people think he's playing. Conda tells him it's not the time to discuss 'the game'. Buddy tries to defuse things by suggesting they make their way to the elimination room.
Kimmy - Nancy
Nancy - Mark
Mark - Nancy
Adrian - Mark
Buddy - Nancy
Kim - Nancy
Conda - Nancy

Once the voting has been done, and Conda has cast the last deciding vote, Adrian addresses the group. He thinks Nancy is as sweet as pie and surprised they would vote her out. He considers voting for Nancy is just 'playing the game'. Conda tells him he has no idea how hard it was for her to vote. Kim says there is a right time and a place for everything, and this isn't the time for him to complain about Nancy going home. She suggests he listens and keeps his mouth closed, as they have told him before. Nancy speaks up to calm the moment and tells Adrian the discussion needs to end. Adrian complies.

Nancy started her Biggest Loser journey at 217 pounds. Currently she weighs 178. For her final moment, she shows off her family, consisting of 13 children 55 grand-kids and 3 great-grand-kids. she then begins naming each one. Like the others eliminated, Nancy wants to win the at home prize, buy a motorcycle and travel across the U.S.

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