19 October, 2009

Biggest Loser Recap - S08E06 Part-1

The black team is shocked to find out the blue eliminated Mo instead of Tracey. Tracey claims she is hurt seeing their faces when she enters the room, as if they are disappointed she is still around. Shay informs the camera what’s most upsetting is how Tracey makes everything about her. As Tracey begins to cry, Shay says, “That’s my cue,” and leaves the room.

Instead of seeing the reaction to Mo being gone, we see the trainers haves started working with their teams right away. Jillian has the black team pedaling on the bikes as Bob has his running on treadmills, including Tracey who has been given clearance to workout in the gym to a limited degree. Bob tells his team, “If you can’t win a weigh-in, at least you can win a challenge.”

The challenge is on a beach where eight large piles of sand are. Each team has four keys; one hidden in each pile of sand. As the teams find a key, they will have to use the keys to unlock a large chest with four locks. The first team to unlock the chest will win what's inside. Alison does not disclose what is in the chests, but does say it will determine who stays, and who goes. Sitting out this challenge are Abby, Tracey and Amanda. Sticking out of the sand are shovels, but sunk into the sand deep enough the contestants need to dig a bit to get the shovels out. As they start to dig, Allen and Dan are first to discover some kind of a wooden box buried several feet under the sand. The box is unlocked and contains a key. The box is large enough they need to dig it almost all the way out before they are able to pull it up. Dan manages to pull his out first and runs over to unlock the first of their locks. He then helps Daniel dig up his chest. Allen finally digs up his chest and after unlocking it, he tries to help Rudy out.

Alison is counting the time spend, and around 20 minutes into it she reminds everyone, “Remember what you are playing for.” Rebecca reminds her they don’t know what they are playing for. “Oh, right.” Alison sheepishly admits. She adds she does know and it’s worth playing for.

Rudy finally has his chest free with the help of Allen and the two now run over to help Liz and Rebecca. Finally Dan and Daniel get the chest they have been digging up and help Shay and Dina. However, it’s a little too late as Rebecca and Liz now have their chests containing their keys. They run over to see what their prize is, which turns out to be airline tickets home. They have the option of accepting the airline tickets or passing them along to the black team. Rudy wants to go home but they decide as a team it won’t help them as going home could be a hindrance. They begrudgingly pass the tickets to the black team, hoping the trip home will upset their game.

Daniel arrives in Raleigh, NC. While spending his time at home, he also makes sure to prepare his food properly, while working on the treadmill. Jillian gives him a call to help motivate him while he’s home. She knows he’s not been pulling big numbers lately and needs to be shoved in the right direction.

Abby’s home is in Mabank, TX. She has a family outdoor picnic and has to inform her family she’s not eating the brisket set out as one of the main courses. She continues her workouts while swimming and the stationary bike; the few exercises she has been released to do.

Dina heads to Commerce, CA. While eating out with her family, she is somewhat sickened by how her family members are eating and realizes she used to eat exactly the same way. Despite the many appetizers set out, she opts to eat only grilled chicken. She continues training by jogging at the gym with her son in tow. He’s impressed by how fast she can go.

Shay is in Newport Beach, CA. She’s shopping in the store with her family, making sure to pick up Jenni-o because of the lower sodium levels and calories. While dining out she gets a 6oz. Mahi fillet. When it comes out, it looks oily and she debates whether to send it back or not. A little later she is out with friends and heads to Subway, knowing it’s so much easier because you can see how your sandwich is prepared right in front of you. She gets the veggie delight and has the employee scoop out excess bread. Shay coaches her friends on what sort of bread is the best option. While working out, Shay feels out of place. Despite her being so big and needing to work out, she’s intimidated by everyone else who are seemingly very fit, and she almost feels like she doesn’t belong despite needing the gym more than them.

Amanda’s family is in Butler, NJ. She gets a very warm reception from home but is soon in the gym. Without Jillian around, she has a hard time using any of the fitness equipment. Almost on cue, she receives a phone call from Jillian who motivates her and lets her know she can figure the equipment out. Amanda decides to buckle down, stop roaming the gym aimlessly and get to work.

Dan is in Tulsa, OK. Right from the start Dan is counting calories. When he goes to the gym his wife comes with him. He almost considers it a distraction, but she is supporting him as much as she can and he appreciates that. Instead of eating out, Dan prepares all his food at home. He grills out and his family loves the raw vegetables and meat he has prepared in the form of kabobs. He continues to count his calories as his wife brings out older photos to share with him. He recalls how much he wanted to do for his wife but over the years got less motivated and sluggish. He feels he has done nothing and his life has been just like the earlier challenge where the more he has tried to dig himself out, the more things cave in. He has made a determination now though, and he’s making headway. He explains to his wife the sand is no longer caving in around him. She tells him, she’s ready for him to head back to the ranch and finish what he’s started.

(End of Part One)

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