07 February, 2012

Biggest Loser S13E06 - Carry On Alison

When Cassandra hears the news her grandmother was sent home, she's very upset. Adrian tries to comfort her by saying how much he grew to like her in his short time on the ranch. Then he informs her he didn't vote for her to leave. He also warns her who she shares and opens up to because she can get really hurt, because he experiences it every day. This seems to annoy members of both teams. Emily feels embarrassed for Adrian and Kimmy compares Adrian to a dog with a bone, he won't let go. Mark wants to talk to Adrian and see if they can fix whatever problem is taking place between Adrian and the Red Team. Adrian says he won't talk to Mark on a one to one basis and thinks both teams should be in for the conversation. The rest of the teams are hesitant and Chism thinks Adrian needs to stop talking. He thinks Adrian is trying to draw attention to himself, and he's talking a moment away from Cassandra. Finally Mark and Adrian agree to use a facilitator; buddy is chosen. When they sit down, along with Daphne, Mark reiterates his concern Adrian threw the weigh-in. As the facilitator, Buddy says he sees both sides. He tells Adrian it's not abnormal for the team to wonder if he threw the weigh-in or not. They are still getting to know him and unsure what he's really like. Continuing, Buddy reminds him he can still have the second highest weight loss and still go home if no one likes him. Adrian reads this to mean, if he doesn't make friends in the red team, he's going to be next to go home.

Here is a clip of the rest of the teams, ganging up on Adrian.

Cut to a scene of Conda, Kim and Mark talking in a room together. They agree with each other, it's Adrian's turn to go home if he doesn't win immunity. As they are discussing this, Adrian and Daphne are walking outside and Adrian realizes he needs to win immunity or he's going home. Adrian suggests he not focus so much on the problems with the Red Team.

Alison has both teams assembly outside by a pool. The challenge is going to have both teams holding a rope. The rope is attached to a weight, which is counter-balancing their trainer hanging over the pool. Whichever team drops the weight, their trainer will fall into the pool and they will lose the challenge. Whichever team loses their trainer, means they will lose their trainer for the week with the exception of getting him back for the Last Chance Workout. Chism and Chris from the Black Team are already struggling, but the weight has not moved, and the Red Teams weigh is all over the place. Alison does her best to stir the pot, teasing Conda how she probably would enjoy seeing Dolvett fall into the water. 30 minutes into the challenge, Kimmy is awkwardly holding on, leaning into Kim. Mark is at the end of his rope (literally) and the rest of the team is struggling just as much. Finally Kimmy loses her grip. After forty minutes Mark finally loses his grip on the rope, Dolvett simply shakes his head. Then Kim, Conda and Buddy all let go, almost at the same time. This leaves Roy and Adrian to keep Dolvett safe. But the weight is too much and Adrian finally lets go along with Roy. The weight falls and hits it's target, dunking Dolvett into the cold water below. In excitement, the Black Team lets go of their ropes to cheer, alarming Bob. But with the challenge over, the trap isn't sprung, Bob remains dry.

Before leaving, Dolvett gives his team a pep talk and puts Kim in charge of taking the team through cardio during the week. What they don't know is Dolvett is able to monitor them. Dolvett is initially impressed with Kim's ability to take control and the routine she's given the rest of the Red Team. But as the workouts progress, Dolvett starts taking additional notes, primarily how much Conda complains, especially about Adrian. She tells Kim how pathetic it is he can't do what she's doing.

Meanwhile, Bob has taken his team on a hike, and utilizes medicine balls along the route. Utilizing the time with his team, he stresses how important it is for them to accept Daphne. Bob reminds them, a strong team goes the distance. As a reward for doing such a great job, Bob says they have a special lunch waiting for them. Meeting them for lunch is Rachel Beller, she takes them to a restaurant and talks with them what they used to order. She shocks them with how many calories are in their previous foods. Jeremy, who's in love with Rachel, is over the moon. He asks Rachel if they can consider this their first date, to which she agrees; joking of course.

Just before the last chance workout, Dolvett is able to meet with his group. He tells Kim how wells she did. Then he concentrates on Conda's complaints. He pulls out a list of complaints he heard Conda make. Most of them involve Adrian. He tells her she needs to stop worrying about Adrian. As they enter the gym for last chance workout, Dolvett pulls Adrian aside to talk to him. He tells him what he needs to do to fix the dysfunction. Instead of just telling everyone else how good he can be, show them. He also needs to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks about him. He needs to fix himself, not the others. Adrian thinks the other team is intimidated by him. Dolvett suddenly realizes Adrian's biggest problem is he doesn't listen to what people are trying to tell him.

Read Team
Conda 263 255 -8 "I'm super relieved"
Kim 215 209 -6 "You always want more."
Roy 268 261 -7 "It's not quite what I wanted but it's a step in the right direction."
Kimmy 193 188 -5 "I worked for every pound, I promise you."
Mark 251 244 -7 "That's awesome...I feel really good."
Buddy 345 336 -9 "My big reason for coming here is I have a newborn and I want to be healthy in 25 years."
Adrian 334 325 -9 Does a quick dance, "I can deal with that. Most definitely."

Black Team
Daphne 244 236 -8 "I feel really, really good."
Cassandra 200 195 -5 "I'm in the 100's." She kisses goodbye to the 200's.
Chris 211 206 -5 "It's about a pound less than what I was looking for."
Megan 229 223 -6 "Bob kind of tapped into my head a little bit, the real competitive side of me."
Emily 230 223 -7 "Thank you!"
Jeremy 338 326 -12 "I've had great success every time I've been up here."
Chism 318 305 -13 "Yea! Wooh! That is the biggest number I've had since I've been here. Really excited about that."

Red Team
Roy - Mark "No one deserves to go home. So who can excel and exceed at home."
Kim - Adrian "He didn't really gel well with the team."
Adrian replies. "I was never even given a chance."
Kim: "I think the way you came into the game was kind of wild and that turned a lot of people off."
Conda - Adian "The person I voted for, things were rough at first, but I saw you improve yourself. But every other person on this team is a part of my family. No matter what I try to say to help you, you refuse to believe me."
Adrian reminds her of the list Dolvett had of her complaints against him. He feels she's being hypocritical.
Conda: "I can Roy grandpa, Kim is like my sister, Kimmy is like my mom, they are like my brothers. I'm sorry we don't have a close relationship. I can't vote for them, I'm NOT voting for them."
Conda continues to keep talking, but Adrian has had enough, he turns to Alison and says, "Carry on Alison."
Adrian - Mark (Votes because he has the fewest medical problems and weight to lose).
Mark - Adrian "Short and sweet... What I see in the gym and weight loss. I don't think this person has given all they have. I'm almost 100 pounds less than you, there was only a 2 pound difference, I think you could have done more."
Adrian - "Thank you Mr. Youth Pastor. This is the last supper, and I won't be sitting at this table. You guys enjoy your meal. And I'm glad you'll be able to sleep good tonight."
Buddy - Adrian "This is a season about no excuses. The person I voted for keeps making excuese. And keeps pointing fingers at other people and saying you didn't accept me. Excuse, excuse, excuse. I will rest well tonight."

As the final vote is revealed, Adrian is not shocked. Before leaving he has his final words to everyone. He's upset they never even tried to include him in the 'team'. Hurt and upset, he gets up quickly and walks away. Mark rushes over to Adrian, but Adrian shuts him down saying they don't have anything to talk about. Suddenly Adrian walks back in and requests none of them hug his sister when they break the news to her out of respect for him. Angrily, Adrian leaves the set, behind Alison.

Adrian says the time on his ranch was a struggle. Starting on Biggest Loser he was 420 pounds, now he weighs 320 pounds. He's now back at work for his production company, but also has a nonprofit organization he works for. He hopes to to complete his first album by the finale. and take his nonprofit organization worldwide.

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