18 January, 2011

S11E03 - Losing Weight, You're Doing It Wrong

Original Air Date: 01/18/11
It's week three and the new trainers are finally revealed. Cara is a boxer and Brett is a fitness instructor. Both are upset with Q for taking advantage of his four week immunity, and he's not doing as much work as he should be.

Both groups meet later at a challenge although a partition divides them. Each group is challenged to keep an egg balanced on the underside of a skillet. The last person from each team will meet at a dinner with Curtis Stone. There is also a two pound challenge at stake. Marci and Denise win and meet Curtis Stone. He prepares them lunch and the one who comes closest to guessing the calories will win the two pound challenge. Marci comes closest and wins the challenge.

For the latest challenge, each contestant has a large bucket, and when filled they will be out of the challenge. The final person remaining will have the only vote at the elimination, that turns out to be Irene.

At the Weigh In: Things don't look good for Arhtur who only loses four pounds. But the twins Dan and Don both GAIN nine pounds. Irene opts to vote out Dan.

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