28 January, 2011

A-Z Fitness - Support

Some people seem to have so much support in everything they do. Is that you? Not everyone has the support they feel they need, but it's needed none-the-less. Perhaps you don't feel you need the support? If not, how much better would it be if you found a friend or family member to share in your goals and ambitions? I've found blogging can be one way to find the support when I'm lacking. Don't be afraid to ask your close friends and family for support if you think they are not giving it to you. Find a friend to walk with or go to the gym with. Share your success with others in an on-line community. Do what it takes to find the support you need, you'll find it won't be difficult at all.

Tips: Make sure you pair up with someone who has similar goals in mind. If you're looking to work on cardio, pairing up with someone looking to strength train is hardly going to work unless you are simply looking for support getting to the gym. If you are still feeling support is waining feel free to comment on the support thread I've set up in my blog: Support

Remember: Never go it alone. Even if you have to do your workout's and food planning alone, sharing with someone can give you additional thoughts and motivation. Don't forget, as long as they are supporting you, you need to support them as well. Support goes both ways and making sure you are just as supportive makes for a team with positive results.

Goal: Discover who your biggest support is and make sure you are giving them as much support as they giving you. Try finding someone new to support and you'll likely find new support coming your way as well.

Last Weeks Goal: For the past few weeks I've been having a problem with looking at the big picture, one step at a time. With last weeks goal to be more realistic I decided to step back and look what I was doing. I wasn't working towards an immediate realistic approach, but how much I wanted to lose as a whole. By stopping and looking at what my immediate short short goal is, I've become more realistic in my approach and taking it one day at a time. How did you do on last weeks goal of looking more realistic on your fitness?

What fitness words starting with the letter "S" inspire you?


  1. I generally have alot of support from my family and friends. However, my husband has not been so supportive of my desire to run farther distances. In fact, I am secretly training for a half-marathon, and not even telling him! I will tell him after I run it, LOL. He is totally supportive of my working out and running in general, but he has seen his brother and best friend both train for marathons and the training basically took over their lives. He thinks I will become obsessed with running. He knows me pretty well, ha. But I am lucky that in general I have lots of support and have actually gotten more of my friends to join my gym so we do group fitness classes together and it makes it that much more fun.

    From last week's goal, I do feel like I am being more realistic in 2011 than I have been at any other time in my weightloss/maintenance journey. I have stopped weighing myself. I don't count calories. I am trying to intuitively eat better and fuel my body. I am exercising as much as I can fit into my lifestyle as a mother and wife. I have slacker periods, but right now I'm feeling good, so I'm going with it.

    The letter "S"? How about "Strength". One of the things I most love about working out, especially resistance training, is that I truly feel strong. Whether or not there is any difference in my outward appearance (probably not much), inside I feel better about myself which I'm sure shines through. Confidence is sexy. (another "S" word).

  2. Hopefully he doesn't read my blog or he might know now. ;)

    Glad to hear you have the support needed. I know some people don't have a lot of it, and are afraid to ask. I hope this will inspire people to do so, as well as offer up support to those in need.

    As for how you feel, I completely agree. One of the best reasons I have for getting in shape is how I feel about myself. That and the feeling of accomplishment.