04 January, 2011

S11E01 - The Mystery Trainers

Original Air Date: 01/04/11
11 teams arrive on the ranch and discover Bob and Jillian are not the only trainers this season. 5 teams will have the option of working with the new trainers, and receive four weeks of immunity. Each team work together towards completing 5K on a treadmill. The order the contestants finish will determine who gets to pick which set of trainers they want to work with; Bob & Jillian or a mystery two.

Choosing the Unknown Trainers:
Yellow (Justin & Rulon)
Grey (Moses & Kaylee)
Pink (Denise & Sarah)
Red (Jaquin & Larialmy)
Brown (Ken & Austin)

Teams with Bob & Jillian:
Aqua (Marci & Courtney)
Green (Jay & Jennifer)
Orange (Ana & Irene)
Purple (Hannah & Olivia)
Blue (Jesse & Arthur)
Black (Dan & Don)

At the weigh in: The Orange team falls below the yellow line and the rest of the teams decide to send home Ana and keep Irene.

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