19 August, 2011

State Fairs - Bad For Your Health (Maybe)

This cartoon makes a valid point about State Fairs. Don't kid yourself into beleive that just because you are walking, you can eat whatever you want. The true fact is, walking around during the course of the day does not burn enough calories for you to go on a diet free caloric splurge. There is more to State Fairs than just food to enjoy. Take in the shows, watch the animals or people watch. Find something to do that keeps you busy, and away from the food. But if you STILL feel the need to treat yourself, try doing a little research into how many calories you'll be consuming. Chances are, you'll be less likely to start a see-food diet.


  1. I totally agree! Typically, any ONE food item that you could purchase at the Fair has more calories than you can walk off in the day!

  2. And the sad thing is the food is practically under your nose the entire time. Hard to resist.