26 August, 2011

Meet the Biggest Loser Trainers of Season 12

Anna Kournikova
Born: Moscow, Russia
History: Anna started playing tennis at 5 years old. When she was 9 she moved to America and at 14 began playing tennis professionally. She feels many others had made the decision for her. Despite this, at 15 she was at Wimbledon in the semi-finals; her career debut. Her tennis career has blossomed since then, defeating many of the world's top players including Lindsay Davenport, Steffi Graff & Jennifer Capriati.
What she brings to Biggest Loser: With a long career as a professional athlete, Anna feels she's been trained by the best trainers and nutritionists and can't wait to share what's she's learned with the Season 12 contestants.
Goals: To get contestants healthy, off medications and educate them well enough to take what they learn back to their real lives.

Dolvett Quince
Born: Stanford, CT
History: Working at YMCA when he was noticed to work well with others. This led him to a private gym before becoming an 'independent contractor'. In 2004 he opened his first Body Sculptor in Atlanta, GA and gained notoriety on a radio show. He is now a recognized celebrity trainer.
What he brings to Biggest Loser: He's a fan of the show and has credentials as a Master Trainer. He enjoys what he does and looks forward to help people change their lives. He's excited to work with Anna and Bob.
Outlook: Believes a trainer should be very personal and a friend with who he's training; thus personal trainer.
Tips for anyone looking to improve their health: Start walking, park further away from store entrances, mind your portion sizes and start an exercise regiment.
What to look forward to this season: When asked on Twitter @dolvett replied, "Expect the inevitable probability of unlimited, possibility".

Bob Harper
Born: Nashville, TN
History: Bob grew up on a cattle farm, but moved to Los Angeles to become a fitness trainer. He's developed his own fitness philosophy which he calls 'Inside Out'. If you've ever seen Biggest Loser before, you'll have seen Bob and know what he's all about. He's been with Biggest Loser since season 1 and follows a vegan lifestyle.
Why he's still with Biggest Loser: You'd think after 11 seasons, Bob would have followed Jillian's decision to leave but with the new trainers and contestants he feels Biggest Loser is being kept fresh.
What he brings to Biggest Loser: Has a passion for what he does, and enjoys the ability to use Biggest Loser to get his message out to people.
Thoughts on some of the new contestants: Jennifer is 330 pounds and he initially thought she'd be the crazy one but she seems to be disciplined and motivated. Also he hears lots of singing going on, one guy really loves to sing. "If singing burned calories this guy would be the thinnest person in the house".
What to look forward to this season: This season will break a lot of myths about working out when older. Discipline and drive helps a person lose weight, not youth. Biggest Loser ranch is a place you DO NOT want to go to. There is a lot of demand on each contestant and that's just in one day. It'll all start again the following day.


  1. Thanks for giving information individually about each trainer...
    Hope Anna will take the show as Jillian

  2. Thanks for reading. Glad you appreciated the article.