07 October, 2009

Biggest Loser Recap - S08E04 Part-2

Bob and Jillian show up and when they find out about the challenge for the week they decide to take them out for dinner and help them make good choices for dinner. Rebecca talks about really wanting a margarita and enchilada. Jillian asks her why she’s at Biggest Loser and when Rebecca says she wants to be skinny, Jillian has a problem with it, because it’s a very generic answer. Jillian explains if there is not a purpose behind each goal they set, they are just going to be torturing themselves. After the dinners have been selected, Bob and Jillian are fairly proud of the decisions made

Trainer Tip: Go over an online menu for a restaurant you will be going to so you know what you want in advance and don’t make any rash decisions. Steer clear of anything sautéed or pan fried.

It’s now time for the immunity challenge where the teams will be held over water, hanging on to a handle. Whoever holds on the longest, and avoids falling into the water below will win. Tracey and Abbey are still not able to participate so Mo and Allen will be representing their teams, as will Julio. The challenge begins and immediately there are problems for various members. Amanda, Dina and Liz start sliding down the platform. Before five minutes is up, Liz and Danny drop in as does Amanda, Rudy, Rebecca and Dina in that order. Shay is happy she is the final female hanging on. Suddenly Mo drops in followed by Julio. After ten minutes passes Shay finally loses her grip and is soon followed by Julio. Allen is confident he will win and Dan is determined to win. Suddenly Allen lets go and Dan continues to hold on, barely believing he won. Alison yells out he’s done.

During the last chance workout Jillian works on Rudy some more. He wants to give up but Jillian pushes him and tells him to toughen up. While this is going on, Bob has his hands full with Mo who feels he has reached his breaking point. He realizes he’s got to work twice as hard since Tracey can’t do anything to workout. Renewing his motivation Mo pushes himself when he suddenly has a severe back pain. Allen points out his body is not equipped to handle this, as Mo suddenly declares, “I’m done.” Bob thinks Mo is just panicking, making his pain worse than it really is. He suggests Mo rest for an hour and just try to get on a bike. Mo contemplates for a while outside but eventually heads back to the gym to keep working.

The weigh in begins and with orange team winning immunity they are asked to weigh in.
Dan PW-287/CW-287/WL-0 /-/ Shay PW-437/CW-432/WL-5 /-/ TP .69
Noticing the zero loss, Alison remarks “Not a bad strategy.” Dan is insistent he did nothing to alter the scale, but she replies, “Come on Daniel, you know better than that.” Bob points out anyone that loses 0 pounds when they are immune are playing the game just as much as Tracey.
(Green) Allen PW-292/CW-285/WL-7 /-/ Abby PW-216/CW-213/WL-3 /-/ TP-1.97
(Blue) Rudy PW-388/CW-377/WL-11 /-/ Dina PW-234/CW-229/WL-5 /-/ TP-2.57
(Brown) Dan PW-390/CW-382/WL-8 /-/ Liz PW-243/CW-240/WL-3 /-/ TP-1.74
(Purple) Mo PW-326/CW-318/WL-8 /-/ Tracey PW-217/CW-213/WL-4 /-/ TP-2.21
Shay goes on record to say, “It kills me that another healthy team has to go home and they get to stay here. It’s unfair”.
(Black) Julio PW-368/CW-364/WL-4 /-/ TP-1.09
(Pink) Amanda PW-235/CW-230/WL-5 /-/ Rebecca PW-248/CW-244/WL-4 /-/ TP-1.86

With the lowest percentage, it comes down to the Black and the Brown teams. Everyone else must choose who to get rid of and the majority decides on whether to get rid of two people or save two people. The purple team is split with their decision as Julio and Mo are friends, and Tracey and Liz are friends. When it finally comes time to reveal the votes, Orange team goes first and picks Julio to go home. Blue team chooses brown team to go home, The next team is green and they choose the Julio as does Tracey, the final vote for black.
Since leaving the biggest loser, Julio has gone from 407 to 299 pounds and hopes to be 200 by the finale.

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