20 September, 2011

Biggest Loser S12E01 - Premier

Biggest Loser has officially began. Did you catch the first episode? If not, here's what you missed.

The contestants are dropped off in the middle of a desert. Suddenly the transports which brought them, depart, effectively stranding them. But soon Alison arrives and divides the teams into 3. Those under 30, 30-49 and 50 and up. Because there will be 3 teams, there are 3 trainers and Alison next calls them in via helicopter. Once the helicopters land, out comes Bob, Dolvett and Anna. Alison informs everyone a race is going to determine which group gets what trainer. Teams are grouped together and must run a mile towards the trainer they want. The Biggest Loser challenges have officially begun.

The middle-aged group consisting of Sunny (41), Jennifer (39), Joe (46), John (40) & Antone (44) are first, and have run towards Bob. The young team consisting of Jessica (26), Courtney (24), Ramon (27), Patrick (26) & Vinny (27) are next to come in and have chosen Dolvett as their trainer. Finally, Anna stand alone. It sucks to be picked last, but it also sucks to finish last. She decides to run out and finish with her team consisting of Becky (51), Debbie (60), Bonnie (63), Mike (62)and Johnny (65).

When the contestants enter the gym for the first workout they are greeted by motivational posters hanging on the walls featuring past contestants. Suddenly, a phone call comes in for Becky and she is informed her father has passed away. She leaves the Biggest Loser ranch for a few days to be with her family and attend the funeral, but she's back knowing her dad would want her to change her life.

The time has come for the first last chance workout of the system and Bob notes he is the only one who has ever been in this situation before. He knows his team is going to do well. Dolvett has something to prove and channels his best Jillian by yelling at the contestants to do what he instructs. He throws a fit when he spots Patrick continuing to hold the sides of the treadmill. Patrick does it again so Dolvet kicks him out of the gym. Meanwhile, Anna has problems of her own when Johnny decides he wants to quit and leaves the gym. Both contestants rethink their decisions and rejoin the gym.

Results from this weeks weigh in:
Older Team (Anna's) 49 pounds lost - 3.58% percentage.
Middle Age Team (Bob's) 126 pounds lost - 6.82% percentage.
Young Team (Dolvett's) 89 pounds lost - 5.26% percentage.

The older team has lost the first challenge and have an hour to decide who is going home. As they are debating, Debbie lets everyone know she's got great support at home and is a member at a gym but doesn't want to leave. She thinks Bonnie should be sent home. She complains about Bonnie crying and says she's doing it for sympathy. In the end, the rest of the team take Debbie's words to heart. If she's got great support at home, then she's the one to go. A prime example you should be careful what you say, just before voting someone out.


  1. I've been watching TBL almost since the beginning, and I didn't think I would like it this year with Jill not there. But Bob is holding it down as usual and I love the new trainers, much better than the "Unknowns" from last year. They have a good energy and I think the contestants will do well with them. The Older group better step it up. I bet they can do more than they think! Yeah, you are right, as soon as Debbie said she had support at home, I know she was a goner. Too bad, she was entertaining and bitchy! ;p

  2. I think Dolvett is going to do well. I hope he's retained for another season. I think the whole "unknown" aspect was sort of amateurish. It immediately alienated those trainers. As for the older group, Alison made a point. They've had winners from all ages. And remember Jerry? He was the oldest at-home winner, and I was very surprised by his winning that prize. It means people can certainly do that on the ranch. But agreed, they are off to a bad start.

  3. Okay...I'm really not feelin' Anna as a BL trainer! She's an incredible athlete, but that does not make her an incredible trainer!

  4. I agree. She does not seem to have the drive most trainers have. Take Dolvett, he' REALLY into this.