19 September, 2011

Biggest Loser 12 - Battle of the Ages

In the newest season of Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels has left. She's been replaced by Tennis pro Anna Kournikova and Master Trainer - Dolvett Quince.*

The twist starting off this season is called 'Battle of the Ages'. There will be three teams, each team consisting of a different age group.

Team One - Ages under 30.

Name: Jessica Limpert
Occupation: Nurse
Age: 26
From: San Francisco, California
Starting Weight: 254 Pounds

Name: Courtney Rainville
Occupation: Internet Marketing Specialist
Age: 24
From: Scottsdale, Arizona
Starting Weight: 270 Pounds

Name: Ramon Medeiros
Occupation: Tattoo Artist
Age: 27
From: Florence, Colorado
Starting Weight: 355 Pounds

Name: Patrick Ferrari
Occupation: Adult Mental Health Care Worker
Age: 26
From: Albany, Oregon
Starting Weight: 387 Pounds

Name: Vinny Hickerson
Occupation: Songwriter
Age: 27
From: Nashville, Tennessee
Starting Weight: 426 Pounds

Team Two - Ages 30 - 49

Name: Sunny Sinclair
Occupation: Teacher
Age: 41
From: Frisco, Texas
Starting Weight: 277 Pounds

Name: Jennifer Rumple
Occupation: TV Producer
Age: 39
From: Alameda, California
Starting Weight: 330 Pounds

Name: Joe Mitchell
Occupation: Home Health Therapist
Age: 46
From: Knoxville, Tennessee
Starting Weight: 348 Pounds

Name: John Rhode
Occupation: Teacher/Football Coach
Age: 40
From: Mesa, Arizona
Starting Weight: 445 Pounds

Name: Antone Davis
Occupation: Restaurant Manager & Former NFL Player.
Age: 44
From: Knoxville, Tennessee
Starting Weight: 447 Pounds

Team Three - Ages 50 and older.

Name: Becky Comet
Occupation: Math Teacher
Age: 51
From: Benton, Arkansas
Starting Weight: 238 Pounds

Name: Debbie Lounds
Occupation: Administrative Assistant
Age: 60
From: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Starting Weight: 239 Pounds

Name: Bonnie Griffin
Occupation: Retired Payroll Supervisor
Age: 63
From: Picayune, Mississippi
Starting Weight: 254 Pounds

Name: Mike Danley
Occupation: High School Teacher
Age: 62
From: Spencerville, Indiana
Starting Weight: 309 Pounds

Name: Johnny Forger
Occupation: Realty Company Owner
Age: 65
From: Canton, Massachusetts
Starting Weight: 328 Pounds

Which team will get what trainer? Who do you think will win this season of Biggest Loser? Jennifer Rumple at 330 pounds is the heaviest woman and Antone Davis is the heaviest male at 447 Pounds. They certainly have the most to lose. Antone should have enough training and discipline from his former days to do very well; unless we have another Rulon this year - Then he may go the way of the 'Gridiron Grill', a restaurant he once owned (no longer in business). Becky Comet at 238 pounds weighs the least of anyone. Will she be able to put up the numbers to stay week after week, or will she be one of the first to go? What about Ramon Medeiros, the tattoo artist? Will he make a mark this season or will his contribution be hidden away? Courtney Rainville is the youngest 'loser' this season at only 24. Compare that with Johnny Forger, 65 years old. Will age before beauty triumph this season? Or will we have another female winner?

Don't forget to watch!
NBC - Tuesday evening - 8/7 Central
Season Premiere Sept. 20

*Click HERE for more info on this season's trainers.


  1. Interesting. I'm looking forward to the new season.

  2. I think the season will be good, regardless of Jillian being gone.

  3. I think it's going to be interesting how much my poll changes as the season moves along.