21 February, 2012

Biggest Loser S13E08 - It's A Circus In Here

Cake on the Biggest Loser ranch? That's what happens when Alison brings in Buddy a Happy Birthday cake. Alison goes on to explain that Birthday Cake may come only once a year, but the rest of the year there is always temptations, fueled by a lack of self-control. Buddy suddenly realizes he may actually NOT be having any cake. It's actually temptation time, and this time the reward is the ability to change the game. Bringing the contestants to another room, it's filled with everyone's favorite foods. The foods include a wide range of selections, from peanut butter cups to fried chicken. From apple pie, to venison steak. Also available is Crab Rangoon, mozzarella sticks and marinara sauce, pizza, burritos, glazed donuts and pasta. Alison notices the deer meat and asks who's favorite that is. Kimmy admits to it being her, and says the majority of the deer meat her family enjoys is the result of her car hitting 12 deer. Banter aside, the contestants are each given 3 minutes to eat. Whoever eats the most can change the teams however they want, and they will remain anonymous. Unlike previous seasons, almost half of the contestants consume something. Mark eats 2 plates of deer meat for a total of 312 calories. Chris heads for the pepperoni pizza and has a few peanut butter cups for dessert, caloric total is 1,039. Chris eats hoping to win because she feels expendable to the rest of her team. Chism decides not to eat, he realizes too much can go wrong, even if teams are split in his favor. Also refusing to eat are Kimmy, Conda, Megan and Emily. Kim thinks it'll be easy to work off 210 calories so enjoys a peanut butter cup. Cassandra decides to eat a piece of pizza but starts to have a difficult time. She finally finishes and a few peanut butter cups for a total of 619 calories. Jeremy does not eat, but figures that Daphne is likely going to eat as much as she possibly can so she can win. He admits if he were in her position he'd do the same.

Enter Daphne, as Jeremy thought, she stats clearing the table of peanut butter cups. Ultimately she finishes 9 plates for a total of 1,890 calories. As she's eating, Alison looks disgusted. The teams are brought back in and Alison relates how many calories the winner ate. Everyone looks shocked and horrified, including those who also ate. But the biggest shock for the teams is to learn the change up the winner wants was to simply switch Jeremy with Conda. Jeremy is confused as is the rest of the teams. They expected teams to be shifted favoring one side, but this seemed to be just revenge. Buddy realizes with the addition of Jeremy on their team, whoever switched things up helped their team.

Later, the teams are discussing the challenge and Jeremy says it was a personal attack, and nothing more. He recalls Bob telling them to not make personal decisions. As they try to figure out who the culprit was, the other eaters fessed up to what they ate, but the person who won, does not admit it. All fingers point to Daphne, but she denies it. Bob enters the ranch and is shocked to learn of the simple switch. When Bob talks to Jeremy, he tells Bob he realizes it's Daphne. Bob agrees it was likely her.

The next challenge is in a freight yard and involves moving around 200 pound puzzle piece. In this 'slide' type puzzle, the first team to complete the puzzle wins a two week trip to the Biggest Loser Fitness Resort. Having extra players, the black team sits out Chris and Daphne. As if Daphne needs to isolate herself any more than she already is. Because the puzzle is huge, each team needs to position themselves over the entire course and call out to the other team members where to move the pieces. Chism and Mark are chosen from each team to be the caller. They each utilize a numbering system to better identify the pieces, but Chism's inexperience is no match for Mark's experience. Red Team easily wins the challenge.

Bob continues to convince Daphne into coming clean about her being the one who switched up Jeremy and Conda. She's adamant not to because she wants to remain anonymous like she's supposed to. He tells her they all know it's her and the more she denies it, the more she looks like a liar. Finally, she agrees, but the damage is done and the contestants are not shocked to learn it was her. As the week continues, Daphne deciphers the team is going to throw the challenge to try and get rid of her.

Weigh In:
Red Team
Jeremy 320 / 309 / -11
Kim 200 / 193 / -7
Mark 234 / 226 / -8
Kimmy 184 / 179 / -5
Buddy 329 / 317 / -12
Total 43 Pounds / 3.39%

Black Team
Chris 201 / 196 / -5
Megan 219 / 217 / -2
Chism 298 / 293 / -5
Cassandra 189 / 188 / -1

Looking at the results, Bob finally has to speak up. He says he's not stupid and knows what's going on. The contestants are trying to control their own destiny in the game. Daphne then interjects and says they are doing this in retaliation for what she did earlier. She again affirms she did it specifically to keep Bob as a trainer. Jeremy says he's okay with what Daphne ate, but he's questioning the choice she made when she had the ability to change the teams. He thinks it was a vindictive and dumb move. Daphne cuts him off and says she's not 'here' for the game, she's 'here' to get healthy. Seeing the attack on her brother, Conda interjects a few of her own comments and everyone else begin to murmur. Having had enough, Dolvett shuts everyone up and tells Daphne this is all childish. Alison tries to move things along by continuing the weigh in.

Emily 218 / 216 / -2
Conda 245 / 246 / +1
Daphne 224 / 226 / +2
Total 12 Pounds / .75%

Elimination Room:
Chris - Chism
Cassandra - Daphne
Emily - Daphne
Megan - Daphne
Daphne - Conda
Conda - Daphne

No surprises during the elimination. It's almost drama free till Conda decides to tell Daphne she doesn't hold grudges and the choice was not personal. Daphne tries to stop her and say she wants to go quietly and drama free, but Conda refuse to let up till she's had her word, despite Daphne's protests. Cassandra finally tells Daphne to stop as Conda continues to force her word in. Alison puts a stop to it and Daphne gets up to leave. There are no hugs, or farewells.

Now home, Daphne is much happier and drama free. Since her time on the Biggest Loser, she's gone from 271 to 200 pounds. She's proud to report she's down from four medications to only one. She informs us she suffers from atrial fibrillation, which is now under control and hopes to be off her CPAP machine soon.

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