29 October, 2009

Biggest Loser Recap - S08E07 Part-2

As Jillian is working with Abby, she tries to motivate her by asking what she really wants. Abby tells her she wants to live again, but she feels like she’s just been going over the motions of living. Jillian senses her pain so encourages her to open up by asking what it’s like to lose everything. Abby tells her it’s something you couldn’t dream it in your worst nightmare. She had the perfect family, husband and two kids; 5 ½ old girl and a baby boy. She recalls her daughter running over to her and saying, “I love you,” just before getting in the family car. That was the last time Abby saw her daughter. Finally Abby tells Jillian she doesn’t just want to exist anymore, she wants to live again. Hearing her story, Jillian wonders how she’d handle what Abby went through because she’s not sure if she could.

Later, Jillian is walking with Amanda. Amanda wanted to explain to Jillian why she walked out on her. Jillian says Amanda walked out on herself. Amanda confesses she’s scared of change.

During the last chance workout, Bob has Allen jumping on the step platforms and has him jump on one almost three feet tall. Allen is unsure at first, but makes a leap that lands him on top of the platform. Meanwhile Jillian has now targeted Dan, who says he’s gonna kill Allen at the weigh-in. Bob next has both Rebecca and Amanda on the bikes. He’s enjoying their friendly rivalry.
While Jillian is training Shay, she tries to get her to open up more as to why she got so heavy. Shay says she tried to learn how not to die because of her troubled past and ultimately chose food as the outlet. Jillian informs her by choosing food, she hasn’t learned how ‘not to die’ because she’s so overweight she’s killing herself. Shay breaks down and talks about how much her mother didn’t love her every time her mother was shooting up, or buy drugs, or hiding Shay in a closet when she brought men into a hotel room with them. Shay says no matter what, she couldn’t make her mother love her. Jillian tells Shay she needs to forgive herself because she has not done anything wrong and needs to help that kid in the closet.

Time for the face-off weigh-in. First match up is Amada and Rebecca
Amanda PW-218/CW-214/WL-4
Rebecca PW-232/CW-223/WL-9
Blue team 1 – Black team 0

Abby PW-204/CW-201/WL-3
Tracey PW-202/CW-197/WL-5
Blue team 2 – Black team 0

Dan PW-357/CW-345/WL-12
Allen PW-270/CW-262/WL-8
Blue team 2 – Black team 1

Daniel PW-277/CW-272/WL-5
Liz PW-228/CW-221/WL-7
Blue team 3 – Black team 1

Shay PW-411/CW-402/WL-9
Rudy PW-355/CW-341/WL-14
Blue team 4- Black team 1

Blue team wins the weigh-in but for Rudy it’s a double accomplishment. He breaks the record of Dane from the previous year who lost 100 pounds in 8 weeks. Dane shows up to congratulate Rudy and inform everyone he’s competing in a triathlon with 12 other previous ‘Biggest Loser’ contestants. Bob is impressed; he’s never done a triathlon.

Black team must now decide who they are going to vote out. Liza is happy Dan has immunity for loosing the most. She mentions that now the tears will be real because Amanda, Abby, Daniel and Shay will have to vote out one of their closest friends. However the choice is not as hard as they expect. Abby lets everyone know she is ready to go home. She says her journey hasn’t been so much about losing weight as it has been about learning to open up and love people again. She assures them she will ‘fly’ at home and do very well. Daniel and Shay are heartbroken because they want Abby to stay but she asks them to respect her wishes.

Since she can’t vote for herself, Abby votes for Amanda to leave, knowing no one else would be voting for her. Shay sadly votes out Abby and tells her she will miss her because in Abby, she sees “the mom that I wanted.” Amanda also votes for Abby, but Dan votes for Daniel. The last vote is cast by Daniel who is saddened by having to vote for Abby, but respects her wishes.

24 hours later, Abby is heading for her homecoming. Abby tells her friends and family she’s happy to be home, but wants them to know she is not just there in body, they now “have her back”. Abby has decided to move on with her life and live once more. Currently she has lost 80 pounds. As the credits begin, we see the episode has been dedicated to the memory of Abby’s dearly departed family.

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