28 February, 2012

Biggest Loser S13E09 - Going Home

It's a strange new week for the Biggest Loser, and Alison picks up exactly where last week left off. It's still the elimination room and Alison has the Red Team join the Black Team. She informs both teams they are going home. But it won't be a few simple days. Each contestant is going home for 18 days. However, there WILL be a weigh in almost as soon as they come back. To motivate each contestant, she offers immunity to ANYONE who can lose 5% of their current body weight. Even if the team loses, immunity will still be an option. So if everyone can lose 5%, no one will go home. Alison breaks it down to how much each will need to lose in order to have immunity.
Immunity Targets: Jeremy 16, Chris 10, Mark 12, Kim 10, Emily 11, Megan 11, Kimmy 9, Cassandra 10, Conda 13, Chism 13 and Buddy 16.

After Alison's prompts, the contestants leave the elimination room and head home. The next ten minutes, video is available of each team making it home and greeted by friends, family and former team-mates. But the welcome home is short lived as a DVD is provided for each contestant. Of course, it's Alison who has an immediate challenge. The Biggest Loser has provided a rowing machine for all still in the game. The challenge will be make 10,000 meters before anyone else. The winner will win one dollar for every meter they row. That's a total of $10,000. The winner will be announced when they get back to the ranch. Everyone is ready for the challenge, but from the off-set think Emily is the biggest competitor. Jeremy believes he's got a strategy by going easy at first, then giving his all to make a come-back. His sister Conda hopes to win so she can embarrass Jeremy in front of all his friends. Chism, Kim, Mark and Emily start off leading the pack. In the middle of the pack are Conda, Jeremy, Megan and Cassandra. Those at the bottom of the pack are Kimmy, Buddy and Chris. Chris and Conda start struggling and have to rest for a bit, but both want to at least finish the challenge. Everyone finally finish, but the winner is not revealed yet.

The rest of the episode is filled with each contestant as they struggle at home, amid countless distractions such as family and friends. A few even tempt themselves by seeing if they can give up on some of the food they once loved and ate regularly. Emily wanders into a bakery and practically drools over all the sweet treats, but opts to go with a hot tea as her friend orders a fruit tart. Buddy visits a fast food restaurant he used to frequent and orders a hot dog, soda and fries. He smells all the food and ponders eating it, but he decides to throw it all away instead. Jeremy is out spending time with his friends but instead of beer, opts for water and instead of some of his favorite meals the rest are eating, he eats simply. Chris has another distraction, she's looking over all the problems in the house that need work. For Cassandra, she's a baker and bakes her favorite peanut butter, chocolate kiss cookies with her family. She samples the smallest bit of dough and limits herself to only one cookie. It's a difficult task for her, but she's successful. She only eats one cookie and savors each bite. She gives the rest of the cookies to everyone else. As everyone else is being tempted, Chism is spending time with his girlfriend and hanging out with his band. He performs a few numbers with his group but wants to make sure he gets back to working out.

The contestants make it back to the ranch and are given a last chance workout. Dolvett says he 'missed them', meaning he has missed inflicting pain. Bob actually proves the point as he has Chris on the ground gasping for breath. She appears to be in trouble, but soon catches her breath and continues on.

Before the weigh in, the results of the challenge are given. Chris-54:24, Buddy-51:13, Cassandra-48:38, Kimmy-47:59, Conda-45:09, Megan-44:34, Jeremy-43:20, Emily-43:03, Kim-42:33, Mark-41:05, Chism-40:58
Chism just barely beat his dad by 7 seconds and wins the $10,000.00

Red Team
*Buddy 317 / 294 / -23 "I don't even know what to say right now. I'm beyond words."
*Jeremy 309 / 289 / -20 "I did this at home by myself. I don't fear going home now."
*Kimmy 179 / 169 / -10 "I got a double digit. Oh my god!"
Mark 226 / 215 / -11 "@#$%!"
Kim 193 / 186 / -7 "I'm not happy about that number at all."
* Has met their 5% and are immune.

Black Team
*Conda 245 / 231 / -14 "Like Kim I have to find my balance between working out and being a mom."
*Emily 216 / 199 / -17 "That is exactly what I wanted."
*Megan 217 / 205 / -12 "I'm starting to be more confident."
*Chris 196 / 185 / -11 "That feels good. That feels real good."
*Cassandra 188 / 175 / -13 "All right! I really did not want to be the one to go home."
Chism 293 / 282 / -11
* Has met their 5% and are immune.

The weigh in room is silent as Chism's results are revealed. His team needed 15 pound to win the weigh in and he need to lose 13 to win immunity. His dad breaks down and demands he take Chism's place to go home. Chism tells Mark he wouldn't live with himself if his dad goes home but Mark stresses he is 43 and 215 pounds and his son needs to be there. Chism reminds his father he has no control. Mark's rebuttal is to ask for two plane tickets because if he can't take his son's place, he's going home too. Chism tells his father if he receives a second plane ticket home, he's going to throw it away. Though he realizes it's going to be harder at home, he does not want his dad to leave, just because he has to go. Mark finally relents and Dolvett tells Mark what a great son he has. Alison hugs Chism, followed by everyone else. Mark quietly walks his son to the door.

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