08 March, 2011

S11E10 - Here's Mud In Your Eye

Original Air Date: 03/08/11
Things are shaken up when each team must choose a captain. Marci and Justin are chosen for black and red teams. The captains will be responsible for making a few decisions without consulting the rest of the team. One person from each team must be chosen to do all the cooking for the week and only two people can be chosen to work with the trainers. Marci chooses Olivia to do the cooking and Hanna and Sarah to work with the trainers. Justin has decided on Ken and Kaylee to work with the trainers, and Ken to do the cooking for the team.

For the challenge of the week, the players must run a muddy obstacle course. Winning means splitting a $6,000 cash prize. Despite red teams past record, the black team wins the challenge.

Despite having lost the challenge, Justin is positive they will win the weigh in. He starts the team off by losing eight pounds for the week, and the team has a 2.61% loss for the week. But Marci is just as confident her team will win this week. She starts her team off by losing five pounds. After Hanna and Olivia weigh in with only two pounds, things don't look good for the black team. Jen needs to have lost more than 14 pounds, but only loses one. The black team loses only a 1.76% and Jennifer begins to cry. More tears come when she is voted out.

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