01 March, 2011

S11E09 - With Friends Like These...

Original Air Date: 03/01/11
Once the elimination from the previous week is over, Alison informs all teams they are going home for two weeks. While at home, Arthur is reunited with his father who discusses his past mistakes. Meanwhile Austin goes bowling with some friends who celebrate his birthday with a cheesecake. Despite their peer pressure, he resolves to pass on the cheesecake.

While home, the contestants were supposed to be training for a 5K. When they finally get back to the ranch, that's exactly what happens. But instead of working in teams as they did the first week, they will all be running the 5K as individuals.

The prize remains the same, those who finish first, get to choose which trainer they want. Although most of the contestants stick with their original trainer, Sara switches things up and chooses Bob & Jillian, forcing Arthur (having come in last) to switch over to Brett and Cara as trainers.

During the course of the two weeks, Arthur lost only 16 pounds which shocks many and draws many emotions. Most vocal is Bob who pleads with the red team to keep Arthur. Despite the pleas, Arthur is the next eliminated.

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