16 September, 2009

Biggest Loser Recap - S08E01 Part-1

A new season of Biggest Loser has begun and I have to say I’m beginning to like it more than I thought already. The big reason for this is finding out that the couples theme this year has a twist to it. I have never liked the concept of playing this game with couples, but this year, the teams are made up of complete strangers.

The series begins with the contestants on a bus. Before making it to the fitness ranch the bus stops along the beach and the contestants disembark. This is the same stretch of land where the remainder of the contestants from last year ran the marathon. No, they are not asked to run a marathon but simply a mile down the beach. The winner will win automatic immunity and get to pick his team mate, who will also win immunity for the week. The contestants are:

Danielle, 20 Student (Orange)
He was on last season of biggest loser. When he began that show he was 454 pounds but had lost only 142 of it. He is being given a second chance to continue to lose the rest of his weight. For his first weigh in of this season he is 312, so he still has a way to go. Alison allows him to keep his orange color from last season and having won the mile marathon, he is allowed to pick his partner.

Shay, 30 Social Worker (Orange)
Starting out the mile in last place, she overcame her fear of coming in last place and finished ahead of several of the other contestants. Danielle chooses Shay for his partner because she turns out to be the heaviest person who has ever played Biggest Loser weighing in at 476 pounds.

Amanda, 20 Nursing Student (Pink)
At the end of season seven, there was a vote for America between two girls, to see who would be picked as a new contestant for Biggest Loser. Amanda was the person picked and weighs in at 250 pounds.

Rebecca, 25 Nanny (Pink)
Not everyone had a spotlight last night, just to many people. Still Rebecca seems like a very nice lady and cheered on several of the other contestants when they were having a hard time running/walking the one mile on the beach. She weighs in at 279.

Mo, 56 Couch (Purple)
In his youth he went to college on a football scholarship and was involved in boxing, tack and basketball. Now he is embarrassed to train other kids because of his weight and the bad example he is setting for them. After finishing the mile he is obviously out of breath and dehydrated. He is taken to the Hospital for overnight observation. He returns to the ranch after all the teams have been picked and misses the first weigh in, though it is revealed he starts out at 355 pounds.

Tracey, 37 Homemaker (Purple)
Despite being in the Marine Corp, Tracey had really let herself go. She recalls locking herself in the bathroom with an entire bag of Oreo’s so no one would see here eat the entire bag. She collapses before she is able to finish the mile on her own power. She begins to crawl to the finish as the medical teams are trying to attend to her. She finally musters enough strength, aided by other contestants and the medical team to finish the mile. However she looks to be in serious straights and is taken by helicopter to the nearest hospital. Alison lets everyone know she is okay but is also staying at the hospital for observation. She is still there when the final weigh in is done, so her current weight is still not revealed.

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