30 September, 2009

Biggest Loser Recap - S08E03 Part-1

As always, the show begins with a recap of what happened the week before and how well they did at losing 155 pounds. But the show must go on and as Sean points out when seeing Alison on day one of week three, he knows something awesome or horrible is going to happen. Alison explains this week is “Would you rather” week. The group will be given choices they will have to decide upon. The first choice offered to everyone is between a weigh in advantage or sticking with their trainers. The teams are lined up and given the choice with a 2 pound advantage to whoever crosses the line. Alison explains if no one crosses the line, the advantage will go up to 4 pounds. Several of the teams discuss it, but Tracey on the purple team steps across without even consulting Mo. He looks shocked and disappointed but with Tracey making the decision for him, his ‘team’ is bound. This will be a week without any help from Bob or Jillian for the purple team and as the commercial break arrives, Bob and Jillian show up to find out what happened.

The trainers arrive to find out what happened with Alison and they are immediately told what the challenge and theme for the week is going to be. Bob and Jillian thinks it ridiculous for anyone to accept the bribe, especially with only two pounds up for grabs. They are told someone did and after assuming it was the pink team Jillian finds out Tracey took it. “It’s a slap in the face” Jillian tells her to think a two pound advantage is better than working out with Bob or her. To the camera, Jillian says her and Bob are probably the best in the world at what they do and Tracey must not be the ‘brightest bulb’ in the group. The others are dismissed to the gym so the trainers can talk to Tracey and see why she did what she did. Tracey tells them about her fears and anxieties but says she’ll work better at ignoring it. After reconfirming with her they are not going to be able to help train her she says ‘What have I done” and prepares herself for the gym. Not working out in the gym is Abby who is visiting with Dr. Huizenga. Abby has suffered from shin splints in the past but it looks like she may have a more serious case. An MRI is taken and she is shown a micro fracture on her tibia and is now restricted to water exercises only. Abby confesses she could give up and say ‘she’s injured’ so she has an excuse to give up but refuses to fall into that temptation. She remembers her husband and kids who were killed only five miles from home by someone driving over 100 miles an hour. She could have given up life then, given up on many things, but she refused then and she is not going to give in now.

A commercial break arrives but they are not quite over when Biggest Loser resumes. Bob is talking with Abby about her restricted training. He reminds her she has to be on target with her diet and nutritional consumption. He offers her Yoplait light because of all the goodness packed inside. He gives her a single serving which she eats quite happily and seems to enjoy very much (wouldn’t be much of a commercial if she didn’t). The commercials are finally over so I can continue with the recaps as written with my new Microsoft Office, home edition 2007. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, no matter what the task Microsoft has your answers, download a free 60 day trial today. The week of choices now continues with a temptation challenge. Every individual is tempted with a small cupcake of only 100 calories. The cupcake isn’t the only temptation however. Alison explains whoever eats the most cupcakes in 10 minutes will win control of the game for the week. This week only one person from each team will count at the weigh in, and whoever takes the power, will get to decide which team member from all the teams will count. The timer starts to count down and several people pick up and hold their cupcakes, looking at them and deciding if it’s worth it. Antoine makes a decision to eat a cupcake, hoping everyone else will resist and he may possibly win the control with only one cupcake. Alison then announces, ‘someone is now winning’ as she brings out more cupcakes. Tracey now makes a decision this is only a game and she has come to win. When the challenge is over Antoine is told he is not the winner despite eating two cupcakes. The winner goes to Tracey who ate a total of four. Mo asks her, ‘What were you thinking?’ Tracey just laughs to herself.

Returning to the gym the contestants explain to Bob and Jillian what the temptation was. Bob wonders who in the world would have fallen for this temptation, everyone looks to Tracey. She raises her hand and admits it was her. Jillian is furious with her and yells at her because the day before Jillian was obviously wasting her time trying to talk to her. Tracey looks unfazed. Bob admits to the camera, “game players get fat again”, and notes she is a ‘game player’ and not serious about losing her weight. Back in the gym you can tell Mo is upset he cannot train with either Bob or Jillian this week so he tries as best as possible to follow how they are training the others.

Moving on to the challenge for immunity, the contestants are taken outside to a large ramp along with large containers of weight. The teams must take the weight to the top of the ramp and place them in a special container, as more weight is placed a team flag will raise. When the flag reaches the top, they will win immunity. With the ‘choices’ theme of the week they are offered to take up two five pound weights placed at the bottom of the ramp, or a large 25 pound container placed several yards away. With Tracey and Abby on a restricted exercise routine they will not be able to participate, so Mo and Allen will join Julio to represent their teams by themselves. Because of this, their weight to reach has been cut in half to only 250 pounds. Alison asks what the teams are going to do and Purple, Green, Pink and Blue opt for the 10 pounds, while Brown, Black, Red and Orange go for the 25. Pink and Green teams take an early lead with Purple following everyone. Allen wins it for the Green team, but the others decide not to quit and instead go on to finish what they have started. With Mo being the very last team, and having many more weights to take yet, everyone helps him in completing his task. It’s quite the team effort and Allen says of this house, ‘If you think you are alone, you’re not.”

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  1. Great re-cap as usual! To me, neither cupcakes or 2 lbs worth of advantage would have been worth it...Booo hiss to the player who did.