16 September, 2009

Biggest Loser Recap - S08E01 Part-2

Another interesting twist this year is there is no team Bob and team Jillian. For the first time since I’ve watched the show each contestant can work out with whichever trainer they so desire. Also, each trainer will be able to work with whichever contestant they feel like. How will this affect the rest of the series, and will they at some point be broken up, that remains to be seen.

Dina, 28 Custodian (Blue)
Married with one son at home. Her son has mentioned he would like to have a brother or sister at some point but Dina has been told she would not be able to do so because of her weight. Starting weight for Dina was 253.

Rudy, 31 Engineer (Blue)
Another contestant who has not had much screen time. I find it interesting considering he is one of the heaviest contestant, only two pounds behind the heaviest male. His weigh in was 442.

Sean, 29 Youth Pastor (Red)
Very concerned because of his weight, he may not be around long enough for his 3 year old, 1 year old and expected child to remember much about him if he ‘passes’. On the physical examination form the contestants are asked to fill out he claims to have no abnormal medical condition. He is shocked to learn and breaks down in tears when he is told he actually has type-2 diabetes. He’s embarrassed to tell his wife he has let himself get so big he never even knew he was physically ill. He is the heaviest male contestant at 444 pounds.

Antoine, 23 Health Insurance Agent (Red)
No, the irony is not lost on me that a health insurance agent would be one of the heaviest contestants. He tips the scales at 367 pounds.

Alexandra, 20 College Student (Black)
Her entire life she has been overweight. Being a college student, she is horrified she can barely squeeze into her seat for classes. She starts out at 309.

Julio, 40 Mortgage Loan Officer (Black)
During the contestant pick for teams, he is the last one chosen. He’s not sure why he was not taken earlier but his goal is to prove everyone wrong because he knows he can lose the weight he needs to. 407 is recorded as his starting weight.

Danny, 39 Musician (Brown)
A self-proclaimed rock star when he was young. He is still involved in music but wants to lose all the weight he has put on over the years. He’s got a long way to go, starting out at 430 pounds.

Liz, 49 Grandmother (Brown)
She has nine grand children and wants to become a role model for them, but finds it hard to do so considering her current 267 pound weight.

Alan, 44 EMT / Firefighter (Green)
He came in second during the mile marathon, but when Tracey collapsed in the sand he was too winded to help her. As he explains, for an EMT that’s a hard pill to swallow. Beginning weight, 325.

Abby, 35 Teacher (Green)
Surely one of the most heartbreaking stories, several years back she lost her husband, 5 ½ year old daughter and 2 week old son in a car accident. Despite that, she has found the courage to start this fantastic journey to try as hard as possible to shed some of her 247 pound weight.

For the next hour (week their time), the contestants pour on as much as they can to lose as much as they can with Bob and Jillian riding them all the way. A few did what they could to make their trainers proud, while others had a hard time coping. Shay was one who seemed to want to throw in the towel early on. Bob and Jillian were at odd over how long they should let her sulk by herself. Jillian was willing to let her give up for a full day to see if she was just trying to gain the attention. Bob was in favor of checking up on her in a few minutes. Ultimately, the decision was Shay’s who swallowed her pride and came back to the gym.

After the week long battle on the fitness camp the teams weighed in once more.
The weigh in results:
((Starting Weight / Current Weight / Pounds Lost))

Orange Team (Immune) WLP (Weight Loss Percentage) – 3.68%
Daniel – 312/300/12
Shay – 476/459/17

Green Team – 5.94%
Alan – 325/306/19
Abby – 247/232/15

Purple Team – 5.35%
Mo – 355/336/19
Tracey – Still in hospital, has not weighed in. Mo alone represented his team.

Blue Team – 5.18%
Dina – 253/245/8
Rudy – 442/414/28

Red Team – 4.93%
Sean – 444/422/22
Antoine – 367/349/18

Brown Team – 4.88%
Danny – 430/406/24
Liz – 267/257/10

Pink Team – 4.54%
Amanda – 250/244/6
Rebecca – 279/261/18

Black Team – 3.63%
Alexandra – 309/296/13
Julio – 407/394/13

With the smallest percentage lost, the black team faced elimination. But only one would be heading home. The remaining teams had to vote for either Alexandra or Julio.
Votes to send Julio home came from the Pink, Red and Orange teams. Alexandra received votes from Purple, Brown, Green and Blue. With the most votes, Alexandra was sent home in hopes she will continue to loose weight. As the show comes to the ending we see Alexandra is still continuing to lose weight and is happy to report she has less trouble fitting into her college seat now.

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