06 April, 2011

Biggest Loser Comments - S11E14

Instead of writing a recap of the show, I've decided to post a few quotes from the live tweeting of the episode. Mostly they are my quotes, but I'll throw in a few from others I found interesting or humorous. What were your thoughts? Feel free to add your own in the comments section. What did you like or hate about the episode?

jeffrey__scott - Time for #BL11 Role Call!
TheBLblog - Role Call? Can I play Jillian?
DearTeamPurple - Can we TAKE #HotBOB?
(NOTE) I said Roll-Call not Roll-Play

Jeffrey__Scott - #BL11 Not a very exciting episode so far. We need another scandal, or revisit an old one. ;)
BucksMontStyle - I'm so with you. Snore.

Jeffrey__Scott - #BL11 Rulon dragging his team down?
Fit__Chick - Too many chips!

Jeffrey__Scott - #BL11 Did the staff go out of their way to make the kitchen more horrible than necessary?
1curiouspeep - that's pretty bad, huh!

garthygurl - #BL11 put that beetle in Rulon's room...in the chip drawer

2Baway - Wholly guacamole batman! #BL11
(NOTE) Yep, that was a product placement.

mrnls - Ugh no more cara! Sorry she has just made no connection for me all season #bl11
(NOTE) It doesn't help she'll likely replace Jillian next year.

DOOL_BL - @Ali_Sweeney always look beautiful at the weigh-in. But tonight, Ali you look so comfortable in that outfit #BL11

Jeffrey__Scott - #BL11 I think Courtney will do fine this week. It's the black team that concern me. Esp Rulon.
2Baway - Or Hannah

Jeffrey__Scott - How long does the typical weigh-in take to film? And when is it usually done? Morning, Night? #BL11
Ali_Sweeney - we shoot weigh-ins at night. Depending on # of people, can take a couple of hours. #BL11

jeffrey__scott - #BL11 Are they going to save Courtney for last?
TheBLblog - You are a wise man

#BL11 :( I'm repeating all the bleeped out words right now. Courtney, you are going to be missed!!!!!!!!

summersjd - Brett, I hope there's a twist coming up & they bring you back!! #BL11

LuanaMGS - What's with #BL11 spoilers? Guess I can't come to Twitter before the show is on!
(NOTE) Yea, it sucks for West Coast tweeters.

Jeffrey__Scott - #BL11 Product placement for DQ?
mikiepocd - Nah, it's her family's biz. Lots of clips of her working there on home video.
Jeffrey__Scott - you spoke to soon. LOL
mikiepocd Nope. I was wrong.
Ali_Sweeney - LOL so on point with our brand. #BL11

stellar_zee - did anyone else cry at the end of #biggestloser #BL11 tonight? that was the outcome I was NOT expecting.

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  1. I always have a dilemma on Tuesday nights...to exercise while I watch BL11 or tweet while watching. Most of the time exercise wins out. I think that is in my best interest, but I sure do miss the BL11 tweet fest! But then, I tell myself that most of you are an hour ahead of me anyway, so my tweets are waaaay behind...lol.

  2. Feel free to enjoy the selected tweets. I'm hoping to keep active on this the rest of the series.

  3. Great that you are spreading the Twitter hash-tag to everyone. Great to know positive and encouraging people like yourself :)

  4. Thanks for your comment. :)
    I welcome everyone to come join the #BL11 tweets. We have a LOT of fun.