20 February, 2011

Fitness Product Review - 1

For my first product review I decided to try Weight Watchers 'Smart Ones Home Style Beef Pot Roast' In general I enjoy most of the Smart Ones products but in this case I really didn't. For the price one pays for a Weight Watcher meal (and because of the price I don't very often) I expect quality food. The 'beef' in the Pot Roast tastes like horse meat (not that I know what that really tastes like), but the point should be taken. It was tough, and grisly. I know this isn't a special exception because I've tried it once before and thought I'd give it another chance. With other comparable meals available, and usually tastier, I felt let down in this instance.

As a personal preference, I think the gravy is good, but the amount of onions inside is ridiculous. Truly, I'm not an onion person, so if you like onions you may enjoy the meal.

Rating ♥ ♥ - - -

Next week: Fiber One

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