08 February, 2011

A-Z Fitness - Understanding

What exactly are we meant to understand? How to eat? What food is? Obviously we know how to eat and what food is, the understanding comes in knowing what food to eat and what the make-up of it is. But we need to know more than that in our fitness goals. Just knowing what foods are good, isn't enough. We need to understand why they are good or bad and how they affect our bodies. As we all eat different things, and we all have different bodies, you need to understand the food you personally eat and how it affects you. You also need to understand what exercises work best for you. What are the best foods to have on hand when you're craving a sweet? What is the best way to motivate yourself? Answering these and other questions you have will give you a better understanding of what you really want from your fitness goals.

Tips: If you are looking to do research, there is a vast assortment of tools available for you. The handiest can be the internet with so many blogs about health and fitness. You're bound to find something to fit your need. Also check out the book store or library for something more convenient to read. Nothing like relaxing on the beach in Mexico as you are reading a book. In a hurry? You don't have to look far to find a quick magazine with additional information. The check-outs in most grocery stores have them staring back at you as you purchase your food.

Remember: Everyone is unique. Do research that fits your situation best. Don't restrict your research to just losing weight, you could also research how best to maintain your weight, or what sort of exercises work best for you. Not everyone has the body of an athlete an knowing what you are capable of is a great idea for everyone.

Goal: Your goal for the week is to do research on something you need to work on, but have not done so yet. What can you find to do research on? What trigger foods are? The nutritional benefits of water? What vitamins you should be taking? Feel free to report back with any new information you've found interesting. Share what you learn to help others understand.

Last Weeks Goal: How were you in your tracking this past week? Did you spend the week tracking or just a day? How did you do so? More importantly, what did you discover? Anything new or useful? Keep up the good work because you can do it, and you are worth it!

What fitness words starting with the letter "U" inspire you?

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