16 February, 2011

A-Z Fitness - Vegetables

One of the best foods provided for us in this world is the vegetable. Whether using for cooking or snacking, there is an abundance to choose from. Think of all the vegetables ready for snacking; carrots, celery, radishes, cucumbers or vegetables handy for cooking with, peppers, asparagus, and who doesn't love onions? (Well I don't, but that's another story). Incorporating vegetables into your daily life will not only 'flesh out' most of your meals, but you'll find yourself feeling better (and better about yourself). The added benefit of vegetables is the more we eat, the fuller we feel, thus less likely to consider eating other foods, especially junk foods.

Tips: Use colorful vegetables in your cooking like peppers, they really enhance the flavor and are appealing to the eye. Also, if you find someone who doesn't like peppers, they are easy to pick out. Go online and look for recipes for vegetables. You'll be surprised with the results and might just find your next best dish.

Remember: Out of sight, means out of mind. If you buy vegetables for snacking, don't put them in the bottom of the fridge in the crisper straight away. Cut some up and have them handy and ready to eat. Also, keep in mind some vegetables like potatoes or corn should be avoided because of the starchy nature, and are higher in calories.

Goal: Use a vegetable you've not cooked with before and try using it. Or set up vegetables as a means of snacking this week. Baby carrots are tasty and so convenient. Slice up a cucumber and eat the slices instead of potato chips. Broccoli and Cauliflower are also great for mindless snacking.

Last Weeks Goal: Did you grow in an understanding of anything new this past week? What was the research you did? What did you find? Share your thoughts here to help encourage others.

What fitness words starting with the letter "V" inspire you?

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