08 February, 2011

S11E06 - The Land of Chocolate

Original Air Date: 02/08/11
The couples are merged into two separate groups, with the 'unknowns' (Cara & Brett) wearing red and Bob & Jillian's couples donning black. No sooner do they change into their new team colors, they are presented with a temptation challenge. They are led to a room filled with chocolates and told whoever eats the most, will have the power to swap two individuals. When the dust settles, Sarah & Deni are swapped out for Jay and Jennifer, who are hurt and feel it's a strategic move to eliminate them. None of the trainers are happy with the switch and it's found out Arthur was the one who essentially sabotaged both groups.

During the workouts, both the Black and Red teams have access to the gym. No one is happy with sharing.

For the weekly challenge, the teams are given obstacles to overcome involving strength, speed, agility, endurance and knowledge; the winners receive videos from home. The black team starts off great and finishes well before the red team. They all enjoy their videos, but Deni cries as she watches footage from her daughters wedding, which she had to miss to make it on the Biggest Loser.

At the weigh in: Jennifer and Jay show the red team they are an asset by losing 17 and 14 pounds. But Q loses only 7. In the end, the red team lose a 3.43% percentage and black a 4.38%. With the red team having lost, Jay and Jennifer feel they are next to go, but red team is upset with Q for not doing as much as he could and they choose to eliminate him.

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