24 May, 2011

S11E21 - All Girl Finale

Original Air Date: 05/24/11
Five months after the Biggest Loser Season 11 started, the live finale has finally arrived. We first find out the final three will be Olivia, Hannah and Irene. So who will win the at home prize? And which contestant will end up being the Biggest Loser? Alison talks with the trainers briefly before bringing out the rest of the contestants, to weigh in. The first three are Courtney, Ana and Marci. Of the three, Ana initially takes the lead. The next four introduced are Dan, Don, Q & Larialmy. Despite everyone's expectation, Dan and Don have lost a lot of weight since they left the show. With 124 pounds lost in total, Dan takes the lead away from Ana. Following a commercial break, Moses, Kaylee, Ken & Austin weigh in. Austin's total weigh loss is 174. It's enough to steal the lead from Dan. Arthur has an astounding 163 pound loss, but because the winner is determined by percentage, it's not enough to beat Deni who's lost 125; she now takes the lead. Next to come out are Jennifer, Jay and Justin. Rulon is a no-show for the final episode. Jay has 181 pound loss, which falls just short of his requirement to take the lead. Deni is this season's 'at home' winner.

It's a season of firsts this year. First time a team has made it to the end together, and first for an all girl finale. Before the weigh in though, Alison introduces who's replacing Jillian, it's tennis star Anna Kournikova. With the cameo for next season out of the way, it's now time for the weigh in, and to see who's the Biggest Loser. Hannah is the first to weigh in. Hannah has lost 120 pounds which is a 48.39% weight loss, Irene loses 116 pound and Olivia has lost 129. The percentage makes her this seasons Biggest Loser.
Congratulations Olivia!

Season 11 - Total weight lost
Ana - 109
Courtney - 110
Marci - 86
Dan - 124
Don - 130
Q - 93
Larialmy - 84
Moses - 153
Kaylee - 54
Ken - 158
Austin - 174
Sarah - 106
Deni - 125
Arthur - 163
Jesse - 83
Jay - 181
Jennifer - 114
Justin - 173
Rulon - 188
Hannah - 120
Irene - 116
Olivia -129
2,773 POUNDS!

That's over 1 TON!
Congratulations to everyone.
You are all the Biggest Loser!

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