05 May, 2011

When Jillian Leaves

Jillian, Jillian,
fare thee well.
Jillian, Jillian,
you put them through hell.

You showed they had guts,
You showed they had glory.
Till they broke down and cried,
as they told you their story.

To quit was no option,
as so many found.
You drove even harder,
till they puked on the ground.

You got in their face,
you stood on their backs.
you kept them inspired,
when they tried to relax.

You reminded them all,
it was more than a game.
I'll still watch when you're gone,
but it won't be the same.



  1. Bravo! That should be the foreword to her next book. You know another one's coming...like, next week.

  2. I love that poem.
    I have been watching her on SKY repeats,
    She is a tough cookie, and oh! boy some of them need it.

    Keep em coming Jeffrey

  3. Hey Jeffery excellent poem need to make posters Very Inspiring. Can you write one about Conda leaving, Talk about manipulative she got everyone to forsake their goasls to get Back at Daphine, she's the worst I was so mad I wanted Daphine to win the weigh in

  4. That's certainly a thought. I'll certainly think about a poem for Conda.

  5. Now that Jillian is coming back, perhaps I need to rewrite this slightly?