25 May, 2011

S11E21 - Photo Gallary of Finale Moments

Really no bonus scenes for this episode. So here are a few recap photos as well as the winning moment, broadcast live. Interesting to be an all girl finale, I guess I know how it must be when women see an all male finale.

While Jay waits to find out if America voted for him or Irene to be in the final three, he shows off his new tattoo which reads - "What you're for strengthens you."

Irene is elated to find out America has chosen her to be in the final three.

This is a picture of Rulon at the Biggest Loser Live Finale.

All four trainers from this season of Biggest Loser together for the last time. Good-Bye Jillian.

Word is out. Jillian is going to be replaced by Anna Kournikova, probably not in those heels though.

The "At-Home" winner is Deni. It was either her or one of the twins.

The final three along with Alison.

So who ultimately won? Watch this clip of the last few minutes to find out.


  1. Love this, and loved the picture of Rulon haha. I definitely refreshed safari to make sure that I didn't miss out on an actual picture of him (like one eating a cheeseburger or something like that). The picture commentary was great!

  2. I figured some people would be confused about the picture at first, then get it after a bit. LOL
    Thanks for reading.