17 May, 2011

S11E20 - Who Wants A Slime Burger?

Original Air Date: 05/17/11
The final four are glad they have made it so far and begin to reflect on how well they have done. Hannah and Olivia are especially proud they are the only couple still remaining, and in the final four.

One of the final challenges before the contestants go home is a Turkey Burger contest. Who ever can make the best tasting burger will win $5000 and a two week stay at Biggest Loser Resort at fitness Ridge. Their judges will be tough and fierce, - kids. Jay makes what he calls a Volcano Burger, Olivia makes a burger with 'green slime' in it - hoping it'll amuse the kids. Irene makes an I-Burger and Hannah has a Cheesy Turkey Chomper prepared. When the kids are finished, they are instructed to run over to who they think made the best burger. The children have three favorites, and one they don't care for. Hardly any child stand with Olivia and her slime burger. The majority of the kids have run over to Jay and he's happy he's won a challenge.

Now is the time for the final challenge and they meet Alison at a golf course. For this challenge, they will be walking the course with weights strapped to them, representing how much weight they have lost. At each hole, they will be dropping portions of the weight till they reach the final hole. The winner will receive a $15,000 at home gym. Immediately, the contestants feel the strain and wonder how they were able to carry so much weight before. Jay and Olivia have immediate problems, though tough it out. Irene chases Hannah most of the course, and over the finish line. Hannah has won the challenge.

Before heading home, the contestant have one final weigh in. Things are slightly different for this weigh in though, the two contestants who fall below the yellow line, will have America vote who they want in the final three. It comes down to Irene and Jay falling below the yellow line, meaning both Hannah and Olivia will be in the final three. A 66% chance one of them will become the Biggest Loser.

With the final weigh in over, the contestants head home to work out and lose as much as possible before the live finale. Upon arriving at home, a DVD is sent to each contestant. The DVD includes a video from each, filmed before they entered the Biggest Loser ranch, hoping to motivate themselves. But Irene and Jay have an additional job to do. Each must convince America they deserve to be included in the final three. Who is ultimately voted into the final three? And who will be this seasons Biggest Loser? Next episode reveals all!

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