03 May, 2011

S11E18 - A Fish Called Hannah

Original Air Date: 05/03/11
Tim Gunn visits the Biggest Loser ranch this week and he presents himself as their Fairy Godfather, equipped with three magical surprises for them. The first surprise, isn't much of one as they have already figured out it's make-over week. The contestants receive their make-overs, including new cloths.

Once the make-overs are done, the contestants show up one at a time to receive their second surprise of the night, family has come to visit with them. When Olivia's husband shows up he's got a surprise of his own for her, he's lost 99 pounds! Once all the contestants have arrived, they are all treated to a special private concert for them performed by OneRepublic.

Another surprise awaits everyone, but it's not from Tim Gunn. Alison Sweeney announces the next challenge where the winner will receive (in my best Rod Roddy voice) "A New Car! They are on a beach and before them are 50 car shapes sand piles. Each one containing a key. Once they dig up the key,they must run up a flight of stairs to the pier leading to the parking lot where TWO new cars wait. That's right, there are two cars to be won. Irene quickly wins the first car, and on her second attempt. It's over an hour later when the second car is won. When there are only two piles left, it's a race between Olivia and Austin. Olivia prevails.

At the weigh in: Everyone is worried if they will fall below the yellow line, and Jay is the first to do so. Jillian is concerned for him and she vows if he's not eliminated this week she'll draw it out of him. As Olivia weighs in, she's happy to see she's lost 100 pounds. She's promised herself if she lost 100 pounds on the ranch she'll sing a song for the contestants, and she does so. Bob is speechless. But her great weigh in means her sister Hannah is now below the yellow line with Jay. Jay realizes he's likely to go home but suddenly Tim Gunn appears. He promised the contestants three surprises and he's only given two. With a wave of his 'magic' wand, he makes the yellow line disappear. No one is going home this week.

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