29 March, 2011

S11E13 - Chipgate

Original Air Date: 03/29/11

Alison begins the show with a video of when they contestants first arrived at the Biggest Loser ranch. But initially there was a white team who didn't make it onto the show so they will now be given a chance to join the game. If they can beat the lowest percentage of weight lost (held by Kaylee) they will be welcomed to the show. In an anti-climatic moment, neither member of the white team makes it and they leave for good.

Moving quickly to a pop challenge, the teams must balance two balls on a board as they walk towards a basket where they must then drop the balls. The first team to accomplish this wins a minute advantage in the next challenge and the losing team will be sent off-campus. Green team finishes first with the black team right behind. Red team is the last to come in and must leave the ranch for a week, but they are given a $1,000 allowance to spend on a specific shopping list of essentials they can purchase. They use the money to purchase time at a local gym, but opt out of bringing Brett along in favor of a night out and spa treatments. Later, they have to break the news to Brett he's not training them this week. He's not very happy and Courtney and Jennifer wonder if they made the right decision.

The red team rejoins everyone during the Easter themed challenge. Each team must find a set number of dyed eggs. First team to do so wins a special screening of the movie, "Hop". In addition to the eggs on the field is one golden egg. Olivia finds the golden egg and her prize is having the sole vote at the elimination for the evening. Olivia scoffs that it's more a punishment than a reward.

With Hannah being on the black team, Jillian realizes she'll be safe at the vote so she decides to focus her attention on Rulon who is lately losing his motivation.

At the weight in: Kaylee shocks everyone by losing five pounds, it seems shes ready to stay on the ranch and fight for her weight loss. The next shock of the night is when Rulon admits to eating chips in his room at night and making other bad decisions. Things look bad for the black team when the red team only needs to have lost five pounds to remain safe. The final shock of the evening happens when the red team loses a combined weight of only two pounds. Those two pounds came solely from Courtney, meaning Jenn has lost nothing this week and becomes the next victim at the elimination.

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