30 March, 2011

Biggest Loser Comments - S11E13

Instead of writing a recap of the entire show, I've decided to post a few of quotes from the live tweeting of last night. I'll throw in a few quotes from others I found humorous, as well as my own. What were your thoughts?

@TheBLblog Is it bad that I don't want them to beat Kaylee's percentage? I'm a #BL11 cast snob. No one else can join the club.

@BL11Hannah When @Ali_Sweeney is in the middle of nowhere wearing a hat...you know its challenge time! #BL11

@TheNetConnector - @Jeffrey__Scott: Me too! @FosterFitness Oh, the challenge is over? I was still singing Willy Wonka. #BL11 Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-do...

Yea, really needed that spa treatment, didn't they? #BL11

I would have brought my trainer, but I still get the point of Red Team. And so true. They SHOULD know how to do this on their own. But can they? #BL11

Cut to picture of Brett crying alone in a corner, with no one to train. #BL11

@stacigway Commercial break...time for some Cocoa Krispi...er, I mean Multigrain cheerios. #bl11

I've decided I'm going to start using the hashtag #chipgate for Rulon from now on. #BL11 Thanks for the idea @KatMoulton

Gee, who could be caught cheating on their diet? I've got no idea! *cough* Rulon *cough* #BL11 #chipgate

I think @Ali_Sweeney should have made them all hop during the challenge. #BL11

@bridgetrcook That was so nice of Trainer Bob to come straight to the gym from his paper route. #bl11

What? Not going to tell us what happened the first hour and a half? #BL11

And #chipgate cometh! #BL11

True enough @TheNetConnector Ok we got it ....Go see HOP this weekend...Enough already... #BL11

Woah! I never thought @BL11Hannah was going to spearhead the #Chipgate #BL11

Don't want to be the one to send the Olympic home? Why the heck not? #BL11

@garthygurl #BL11 Seems to me @Ali_Sweeney is getting a bit tired of all the gameplay

#BL11 We don't need our trainer! We don't need our trainer! We don't need our trainer! Who was saying that earlier? Someone remind me.

@FosterFitness This is the best ad for my career ever. #BL11

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