15 March, 2011

S11E11 - Stone Soup

Original Air Date: 03/15/11
The red and black teams are done away with. All contestants will now be part of a large blue team. In addition to the change, Alison informs the group if they can match last weeks weigh in, they will all have immunity.

During the week, the contestants have several guests. First is Dr. Huizenga who has good news for the contestants. After he is finished with the contestants, there is a pop challenge involving Curtis Stone and Lorena Garcia. The blue team is broken into teams of two. The goal will be to cook the healthiest and tastiest dish. Winner will receive the Biggest Loser meal plan for home use. Hannah admits a crush she has on Curtis stone, but it's her sister Olivia and Moses who win.

During the workouts, Bob & Jillian work with the guys and Cara & Brett work with the girls. With a target to shoot for, all the contestants work together to try and match last weeks weight loss. The contestants need to lose an average of 5 pounds each, but Marci doesn't lose any weight and Kaylee gains two pounds. Once again Marci offers herself up, this time to save Kaylee

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