22 March, 2011

S11E12 - The Campus Is Not A Prison

Original Air Date: 03/22/11
This week the blue team is split into four groups of three. Brett's red team consists of Justin, Jennifer & Courtney. Bob's blue team is Moses, Irene and Olivia. Cara's team is green and has Austin, Ken and Kaylee. Finally Jillian will be working with Rulon and Hanna on the black team. Because Jillian has only two people on her team, one previous eliminated contestant will be coming back and Rulon and Hanna get to decide who it's going to be.

Bob takes his team to 'Crunch' for their work out while Jillian invites her team to her beach house for relaxation, and of course a beach work out. Brett takes his team for a hike while Cara and her team are boxing.

At the next challenge, it's revealed Jay is back on the black team. For the challenge, they winning team receives a video call from home. All they have to do is simply hold on to weight equivalent to what they have lost. Red team wins, but opts to pass the prize over to the blue team.

Kaylee earlier tells Cara she thinks she's ready to go home and at the weigh in shocks everyone when she loses no weight. But she's visibly upset when her team loses enough to earn immunity. Alison reminds everyone the campus is not a prison and if the contestants want to leave at any time they are welcome to do so. Kaylee halfheartedly decides to remain on the campus. The red team falls below the yellow line and with Jennifer being the biggest loser of the team, it's either Justin or Courtney to leave. Justin petitions to save Courtney and the rest of the teams comply.

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