27 April, 2011

Why Did Rulon Walk Off The Show? A Biggest Loser Tirade

What is the deal with Rulon just 'walking' off? He seemed like he wanted to stay. He did his utmost to win the 'Track Challenge'. Sure, he was beat by Tara Costa but could that have anything to do with it? Was Rulon pissed off he let a girl beat him? Was his decision to leave a form of a tantrum and sour grapes? What do you think?

But that's likely not the true answer. Personally, I think Rulon had another weight gain for the week. Yes, for a while I've believed the producers know in advance what the weigh-in is likely to be. No reason they can't pre-weigh the contestants then have a weigh-in for the cameras to play up the drama. Let's be honest, that's not a real scale they step on. If my scale acted like that I'd toss it in the bin, but I digress. How many times has it come down to one last final weigh-in. So they producers must have realized he gained again, reviewed the tapes, caught him breaking more rules (sources say he was eating in his room again, sneaking off campus and making phone calls) so they politely asked him to leave of his own free will before they officially DQ'd him (Sorry Courtney I had to).

Personally, I enjoyed the former contestants and loved seeing Tara beat Rulon. I can't be the only person glad to see Tara and the others again. Out of all the episodes to cut down to 1 hour though, they chose this one? They could have built up more Rulon story/drama, showed more former contestants, argued and debated after Rulon walked off. Hell, this episode could have been three hours long.

Does Rulon walking off demean the rest of the season? Of course not. It's just a bad testament to Rulon's dedication to being fit. He obviously has serious issues he needs to deal with, and that's pretty sad. Also with Kaylee gaining weight again and her being sent away, we've got a win-win situation for Biggest Loser. It can only get better from here.

Wait, next week is make-over week. See? It's getting better already.


  1. Ugh. I hate makeover week! It just seems like a space filler episode! Like one of those flashback episodes! Bleh. I may just skip it next week.

    As to Rulon, I agree. He definitely has significant issues he still hasn't addressed and he was destined to fail. Might as well get him off now. Everyone, including us, expected great things from him and maybe that was just too much pressure.

    Who knows. Maybe his wife said she was going to leave him? We can speculate all week long, but, in the end, we will never really know! You know what? I'm okay with that!

  2. I can see bringing back past contestants for motivation, but to compete? Horse crap! The games that have gone on this season border on ridiculous. I love the show for the positive message, but the drama and BS need to just stop.

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  4. I thought the former contestants were inspiring, and I love make-over week! I can't wait! And I'm over Rulon. Good riddance.

  5. I like your theory about Rulon gaining weight. And you're right, it's not a real scale. It's been documented, they weigh the contestants in advance and then determine the order to make the most drama.

    I don't know how it relates, but they faked the ending of the car pull challenge. Here's the proof: http://blfake.blogspot.com/

  6. Although, this USA Today article indicates that he had actually lost weight: http://www.usatoday.com/sports/olympics/2011-04-28-rulon-gardner-wrestling-comeback_N.htm

  7. Rulon is a strong competitor and when they finally had a challenge he wanted more then anything to win, they brought in a ringer to beat him. The show has sadly become a joke. Best of luck Rulon.

  8. you can do this Rulon you just sent you mind to it you can do anything good luck