26 April, 2011

S11E17 - Losing To A Girl

Original Air Date: 04/26/11
Contestants are back from New Zealand and back to the gym. But there is a surprise waiting for them. This week former contestants have come back to inspire and challenge. Greeting the teams are Ali Vincent and Sam Poueu from seasons five and nine respectively. Sam conducts some circuit training and Ali prepares a quinoa mango salad.

The challenge is held at Auto Club Speedway and special guest is Clint Bowyer who drives the Nascar Cheerios car. He introduces another guest, Tara Costa from season seven. She won the track challenge of her season and she's back to try again, hoping to inspire the others to do their best. Winner of this challenge receives a VIP experience with Clint and their face on a box of Wheaties. As a former Olympian, Rulon vows to win as he never had his face on a box of Wheaties. It's a close finish between Tara and Rulon, but Tara has come out ahead. No Wheaties box for Rulon. He seems very upset and discouraged by the loss.

At the Weigh In: During the last change workout, Rulon didn't seem into his workout. Before any weigh-ins begin he asks to address everyone. He formally announces he's leaving the show. The impression is he's leaving of his own accord, but later revealed he was disqualified for breaking show rules.

Despite Rulon leaving, the weigh in continues and someone will be voted out. Scale results of note are Irene having lost 100 pounds and Kaylee gaining two. But Irene's loss of only three pounds pushes her below the yellow line with Kaylee. When votes are revealed, Kaylee is sent home.

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