05 April, 2011

S11E14 - A Night On The Town

Original Air Date: 04/05/11
For the first challenge of the week, each team must guesstimate exactly how far a mile is. Given flag markers, they are sent off. Winners of the challenge receive a night on the town, losers will be forced to clean the gym. The black team (Rulon, Hannah & Jay) are off by only four feet and thus win the challenge.

Having lost the two other members of her team already, Courtney gets the privilege of working with Brett on a one-on-one basis. His plan is to break her plateau and take her to the final four.

Meanwhile, Jillian is talking to Rulon. After last week admitting he's been secretly snacking, she's worried. Rulon argues with her and claims he wants to treat himself after working out hard. Jillian wishes he could find a way to treat himself that doesn't involve food. Then when she finds out the black team won a night on the town, she loses it and informs them it's not a real prize but a set-back.

The black team enjoy a limo ride to Hollywood Boulevard and dinner at the Geisha House. Hannah is surprised when a guy comes over to toast their victory, keeping his eyes on her the whole time. Rulon and Jay suddenly disappear, giving Hannah some alone time.

At the last chance workout, everyone is being pushed to their limit. Jillian focuses on Rulon after his night on the town and Brett focuses all his energies on Courtney, the last member of his team. Pressure is on Courtney because she knows if she loses, Brett will also have to leave.

At the Weigh In: Black team has some surprising weight loss numbers, but Courtney is most surprised to find she's lost only one pound. With no one else on her team, and with the lowest percentage, Courtney is immediately eliminated. She tells everyone not to worry about her because she's got a great support group at home. Unfortunately, this means Brett is also leaving the ranch.

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