21 April, 2011

Biggest Loser Comments - S11E16

Instead of writing a recap of the show, I've decided to post a few quotes from the live tweeting of the episode I found interesting or humorous. What were your thoughts? Feel free to add your own in the comments section. What did you like or hate about the episode?

@Ali_Sweeney - Brand New #BiggestLoser tonight. Can't wait to read your reactions to tonights ep!!! And more New Zealand pics to share! #BL11

@BL11Olivia - Only a couple more hours until east coast #BL11 - who has predictions for tonights episode? #psychictweets
@Jeffrey__Scott - I predict Jillian will curse, Bob will do a product placement and Alison will look as gorgeous as ever. #BL11

@guiltfreecomfor - SEND BACK BRETT & BRING BACK COURTNEY! #bl11

@kaykoch - Someone please tell me what Bret ACTUALLY said as he flew in? I heard "The douche collector sneaks up on you." REALLY hopin I'm wrong? #BL11

@writerchickmc - OK guys - pretend you are those mountain goats and you've got this! #BL11 #MGCheerios

@Jeffrey__Scott - #BL11 Doing the chair would be fine, but I'd keep having flashbacks every time I sat in another chair.
@1curiouspeep - Haha! How true is that! Those chairs tip back easy too, I'd be a freaking mess, lol!

@defectivecandy - This season: Biggest Loser - Lets jump off everything edition!! #BL11

@taylora - Wow, when did Biggest Loser become Survivor or Fear Factor? If they have to eat bugs, I'm gonna lose it! #BL11

@Jeffrey__Scott - Rulon oO(I wonder what flavor chips New Zealand has.) #BL11

@Jeffrey__Scott - I've got a sneaky suspicion @BL11Olivia is gonna throw a bag of chips into Rulon's bedroom.
@BL11Olivia - LOL nice.
@dactyl64 - And we all know how hard it is to resist chips when someone throws them at you! #BL11

@TheBLblog - Wait. Rulon had to swim two miles in 45 degree water after a plane crash and he couldn't win the challenge? #BL11
@suzrenee I thought everyone loved him. From week 1 he has bugged me... #BL11
@FosterFitness - Have you heard he was in the Olympics? :)R

@Hamsasya - #bl11 Subway & Biggest Loser are so obsessed with eacother-they just need to go ahead & just have a love child allready. Bigway Lossub

@rynequin - If rulon gets out of this bungee jump because he's suddenly afraid to die I think he should go home immediately....after Kaylee. #BL11

@Jeffrey__Scott - Not many shows left for Jillian, and another episode she's gone. No wonder this show has seemed quiet. Is this what we can expect? #BL11

@Jeffrey__Scott - Are they going to try and make us feel bad for Rulon now? Nope, too late. #BL11
@Stars252525 - My thoughts exactly on Rulon. #BL11

@Jeffrey__Scott - #BL11 Save it Kaylee! Puhhh leeeezzzzeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@deekcampbell - She and Cara both. Blah blah blah.

@Jeffrey__Scott - So Kaylee and Rulon are both safe? And Jillian is not available? Worse episode ever! #BL11

@DOOL_BL - Hannah looks good, i think Ken needs more help. I really hope they keep Ken! #BL11

@cardiomommy - i'm sad for Ken.... but thank god Hannah is safe!!!! #bl11

@Haley_Singleton - I cannot believe someone is stupid enough to walk off the BL Ranch... Next week should be revealing. #BL11

@lenkees I am sure @Jeffrey__Scott was happy to see @Ali_Sweeney bungee jump a while ago! #BL11
@Jeffrey__Scott - You were so right! LOL RT
@Ali_Sweeney - you like bungee jumping

@Jeffrey__Scott - Yea! @Tara_Costa on the next #BL11 Looking forward to next week!
@FitBottomedGirl - Love Tara!
@Tara_Costa - Ohh thank you!

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