19 April, 2011

S11E16 - Go Jump Off A Bridge

Original Air Date: 04/19/11
It's the second week in New Zealand and Alison has a surprise for everyone. No more teams, the game is moving to singles. In case the task is too daunting for Bob, Jillian and Cara, another trainer is brought in. It's Brett, who's followed the Biggest Loser crew from America.

During the course of the episode, trainers take pairs of the contestants along on special excursions. Cara takes Kaylee and Hanna to jump off a Canyon, Brett takes Jay and Austin rock climbing. Bob takes Irene and Rulon bungee jumping, but Bob opts out as does Rulon. He tells Bob, after having survived a plane crash, he's not willing to tempt fate any more. Bob convinces Rulon it's a fear he needs to let go of, and Rulon relents and joins Irene.

Atop a bridge, Alison introduces a river-board challenge. Winner receives a helicopter tour and more importantly, immunity at the weight in. Once the competition is explained, Alison does a bungee dive off the bridge. Kaylee, Rulon and Olivia lead the challenge, but it's Olivia who comes in first. Olivia is able to bring someone along and the offer is extended to her sister Hannah.

At the weigh in: As the week before, the weigh in takes place out doors. This week the trainers have pushed the Biggest Losers hard and Kaylee has a shocking five pound weight loss and Rulon has ten. Falling below the yellow line are Ken and Hannah, and Ken receives the majority of the votes and is forced to leave.

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