09 October, 2009

Biggest Loser Moments - S08E04

Shay telling Tracey her trust has been broken.

Bob and Jillian not pleased red team offered to go home.

Julio admits food is his drug of choice.

Dr. Huizenga has bad news for Tracey. No working out.

Food Challenge - Can you pick the healthiest meal?

Alison offers 'the Biggest Loser-Simple Swaps' to help the contestants.

A collection is made to dispose of the bagel chips.

Watching this show I suddenly had a craving for gum. I wonder why?

If you don't have a purpose behind your goal, it's just torture.

Allen and Dan fighting for immunity.

Dan does not believe he won, till Alison tells him its over.

Mo just about gave up during last chance workout. But went back.

Daniel lost zero? He claims it was from all the take-out....

"Come on Daniel, you know better than that."

Tracey is left with the final decision to send Julio home.

Julio at home. Down from 407 to 299.

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