14 October, 2009

Biggest Loser Recap - S08E05 Part-1

Episode five starts straight away with a temptation challenge. Outsider is a large spinning disk with 36 individual spaces, each with a tray hiding something underneath. Alison informs everyone the teams are now going to be split into two, blue and black. Whoever decides to play the challenge will spin the giant wheel and have to take what is underneath the dinner tray. There will be either money, food or a golden ticket giving the ability to decide how the teams are divided and who works with each trainer. All contestants except Abby decide to play. The order is determined by total percentage of weight lost so far. Rudy is first to play and the spinner lands on a piece of cake worth 1000 calories. Next, Rebecca lands on a doughnut totalling 280 calories. Allen has a small cupcake of only 100 calories, but Dan lands on another cupcake this one at 780 calories. Tracey spins next. As she does, Mo claims he felt something in the air, something unnatural. It is odd however, because Tracey lands on the golden ticket allowing her to choose trainers and teams. No one can believe the luck.

As Tracey is deciding how to divide the teams the others discus what she is likely to do. Amanda is upset, afraid to be put on Jillian’s team since she gets along with Bob so well. Shay tries to encourage everyone by reminding them Tracey still does not control the ‘yellow line’, they always have that power, not her. Once Tracey has decided, Bob and Jillian are brought in. Tracey begins her choices and picks Bob to work out with. Jillian is furious, “You’ve got to be kidding.” To the camera she says Tracey only chose Bob to get out of the ‘ass whipping’ she had planned for her. Tracey’s thoughts to the camera are she needs to stop trying to please other people and start trying to please herself. Tracey then picks Daniel to workout with Jillian. Her next two picks are Mo on her team and Shay on Jillian’s team. So she has kept the purple and orange teams intact. Next she splits up the green team putting Allen on hers and Abby on the other. Brown team is also split with Liz on her team but Dan on the black team. This sends Liz into tears as she feels Dan has been her biggest supporter. Tracey then picks Rudy for her team but chooses Amanda to be on Jillian’s team. It looks like Tracey might keep the black and pink teams together but she then chooses Rebecca to be on her team and Dina on the other. So Tracey is successful in splitting up every team except her own and the orange team.

Liz is extremely upset with Tracey’s decision considering she claimed to make her picks from her ‘heart’. Liz says Tracey is heartless and stabbed her in the back. Liz will do whatever it takes to make sure Tracey goes home before her, even if it takes pretending to like her. During her workout, Liz is pushing herself so hard she actually passes out. Giving something quick to eat, she continues her workout.

Jillian is working with Dina on a jumping activity, but Dina is unable to jump to the platform as instructed. She also receives encouragement from her previous partner Rudy. He continues to motivate her, but she is still unable to do the jump, but determined she will do it.

As time to eat comes, Bob decides to take his team to the store; shopping for a picnic. He shows them how to pick foods that are easy and nutritious. They then enjoy the meal outdoors, in the fresh air.

For the reward challenge, each team must carry one member of their team on a platform through a course of hills and mud. The winning team will receive videos from home. As in the other challenges, Abby and Tracey must sit out. The blue team begins with Rebecca on the platform while Black has Dina. Blue takes an early lead while Daniel of the black team keeps dropping his load of the platform unexpectedly. Black team suddenly switches Dina with Amanda when Amanda loses her shoe in the mud. With more determination they fight to catch up, but it’s now too late. The blue team is rewarded with videos from home.

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