21 October, 2009

Biggest Loser Recap - S08E06 Part-2

While the black team was home with their families, Bob was making sure the blue team were doing all they could to win the next weigh in challenge. While talking with Liz and Tracey in the kitchen, Bob suggests drinking milk instead of soda.

Trainer Tip: Bob mentions how circuit training exercises are great. One arm rows, lateral raises and step ups are fantastic for keeping yourself fit and energized.
Jillian suggest when making sandwiches, skip the mayonnaise and other unhealthy condiments. Try adding avocado. It has healthier fat and less calories.

With the black team still gone, Bob takes the blue team out to volunteer at a local food bank. They spend the day filling backpacks of food for needy families.

Once the black team comes back, they mention how hard it was at home. Dina kept feeling guilty when she had to work out with her son following. Dan reflects how much time he has wasted and wants to gain control of his life back. During the last chance workout he feels more motivated than ever before. He’s starting to feel like Superman once more, without the kryptonite. Jillian decides to pack a week worth of training into one day and really pushes her team.

As Jillian is working with Dan, she notices how much he’s been struggling lately. She finally gets him to open up and he reveals how upset he used to get with his mom when she’d stress fitness to him, or ask him to try and work out. He couldn’t understand why his mother couldn’t just love him for who he was. Dan tells Jillian he can now see she loved him all along and he wants to prove himself to her; he wants to prove he loves her.

Time for the weigh in and Bob mentions how his team better win or he’s going to be pissed. Blue team is chosen to go first.

Blue Team:
Allen PW-278/CW-270/WL-8 .61%
Rebecca PW-237/CW-232/WL-5 .98%
Tracey PW-206/CW-202/WL-4 1.29%
Liz PW-232/CW-228/WL-4 1.59%
Rudy PW-369/CW-355/WL-14 2.65%

Black Team:
Amanda PW-2214/CW-218/WL-6 .35%
Shay PW-416/CW-441/WL-5 .64%
Abby PW-208/CW-204/WL-4 .87%
Dina PW-223/CW-218/WL-5 1.16%
Dan PW-372/CW-357/WL-15 2.04
Daniel PW-276/CW-277/WL- 1 gain 1.98%

Rudy has done such a great job losing weight so far with. He’s only 13 pounds away from losing 100 and if he does so next week, he will have lost 100 pounds faster than anyone in Biggest Loser history.

But with Daniel’s weight gain, the Black team must send someone home. Dina cries and lets everyone know she’s not ready to go home yet. She’s practically begging her team to keep her. Shay mentions she still has a long journey to go and doesn’t want to leave either. Dan is afraid he’s going to be targeted because of his weight gain.

The break down of the vote is as follows. Daniel votes for Dina, Dina votes for Daniel, Abby votes for Dina, Dan votes for Daniel, Amanda votes for Dina. Shay also votes for Dina, keeping her team-mate safe.

In the six weeks at camp, Dina lost 35 pounds. Today Dina is 188 and is now successful at jumping up on the platform. She also just recently finished a half marathon.

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