04 October, 2009

Round Of Shape

When I was two and twenty,
I couldn’t understand.
How people got so overweight,
and blamed it on a gland.

Do they have no self respect
or care how they are seen?
Certainly never eating well,
or any food that’s lean

When I was two and thirty,
I woke one day to find.
I weighed more than I ever was,
embarrassed in my mind.

How did I become this way,
I couldn’t understand.
Would I succumb to guilt and shame
or on fitness demand?

Now I am two and forty,
no longer have to hide.
Through hard work and perseverance,
I’m on the winning side.

The journey isn’t easy,
took everything I got.
With eating well and exercise,
and snacking, not a lot.

If you are two and twenty,
take this warning to heart.
Don’t criticize the ‘round of shape’,
lest you become a part.

And those of two and thirty,
awake with shock and shame.
Remember I have lost it all,
and you can do the same.


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