14 October, 2009

Biggest Loser Recap - S08E05 Part-2

Having won the reward, Rebecca notices that Dina is really upset about not winning a video from home. She gives Dina her reward and tells she hopes her family will motivate her on the jumping platform. Dina appreciates the offer, but tells Rebecca she can’t take her prize away from her and she needs to earn her reward.

Everyone who won the reward start to watch their home videos. Before Liz does, she goes to Dan’s room and asks if he’d like to watch her video with her because she feels so close to him. As the video begins, it turns out to be Dan’s video. Liz traded her video for his without telling him. Dan is obviously elated.

For the last chance workout Bob takes his team to the 24 hour fitness center while Jillian takes hers outside. Dina continues to work at jumping onto the platform she was using before. As hard as she tries she is not able to do it. She tells herself she is going to keep trying and she will do it.

As a trainer tip, Bob suggests doing ‘wall push-ups’ to help when doing the real thing. It’s much easier and you can work on your form and it won’t be as challenging.

With there being two teams now, every person weighs in and the combined total of weigh loss percentage for the entire team will determine who wins immunity. With Tracey having been the one to divide the teams, she is asked to weigh in first for her time. As she walks up to get weighed in, Tracey can feel all the glares on her back. To the camera she gives her input to anyone that might be mad at her, “Are you five years old, are we in kindergarten? Are you ticked off because I took your crayons? Stop whining, shut up and be an adult.”

Blue Team
Tracey PW-213/CW-206/WL-7
Mo PW-318/CW-312/WL-6
Allen PW-285/CW-278/WL-7
Rudy PW-377/CW-369/WL-8
Rebecca PW-244/CW-237/WL-7
Liz PW-240/CW-232/WL-8

Black Team
Abby PW-213/CW-208/WL-5
Dina PW-229/CW-223/WL-6
Amanda PW-230/CW-224/WL-6
Dan PW-382/CW-372/WL-10
Daniel PW-287/CW-276/WL-11
Shay PW-432/CW-416/WL-16

With Shay’s great weigh loss, the black team manages to win the weigh in and is immune. As the blue team contemplates voting out Tracey, Mo announces he may be more of a hindrance to the team and so suggest he be voted out. Hoping by keeping Tracey, the Blue team will be stronger. As the votes are revealed, they are all given to Mo who sadly says his goodbyes.

When Mo started the biggest loser, he was 355 pounds. Now at home, still keeping to his training he has lost 76 pounds and now weighs 279.

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